Monday, June 18, 2012

Grandchildren Are So Special

Today has been a lazy Monday.  The grandchildren slept in this morning.  So while they were a sleep, I cleaned-up some around the pool, read a chapter in my book, cleaned alittle and then decided to end up at the computer.

µy new cooker, Love it!
The first of May, Bridgett and I had gone to  the grocery store and found that they had bags of "Chicken Bites".  Earlier in the week, Bridgett had bought a bag and found that they tasted just like the ones that you could get from McDonald's.  So knowing that they would not be getting anymore, since it was a special order, we proceeded to buy all they had (13 bags).  

I realize that this really sounds like over kill.  And, I suppose looking back, perhaps it was.  But the bags were only $5.00 each.   Considering that just for the small order from McDonald's was $1.99, we felt that it was a great buy.

Have I kept  them for myself, no.  I have shared bags with my Bridgett and my sister.

Why would a person buy so many?  To make sure that I have something that all the grandchildren would eat.  I remember growing up and staying at my Grandparents.  My Grandmother would not ask if there was something that we enjoyed eating, we would eat what ever it was she put on the table.  I do believe that Grand parenting has changed.

I do enjoy fixing things that my grandchildren like.  Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, hot dogs, pizza, french fries, mac and cheese, and of course pancakes.  I even make sure to have snacks and sodas that they like.

Being a Grandparent is great.  I am so blessed to have three granddaughters and two grandsons.

So what are the granddaughters doing now?  Well, here are some pictures to show just a moment in their day.

Shelby enjoying her Dr. Pepper, while Louie enjoys resting
Caitlin standing in the kitchen doing her make-up
Both Shelby and Louie resting
Now, that Caitlin has decided to get dressed, it is time that we go somewhere.


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