Thursday, October 7, 2010

Writer's Workshop-Describe A Job That You Would Never Want To Do

Writing Assignment for Mama Kat's Weekly Writing Assignment

Thinking of all the possibilities of a job that life has to offer, the one that stands out most would be the President of the United States.
Looking at the beginning of each president's time in office and then looking at the end, let's me know that the pressure would be too much.  They go in looking young and come out looking so tired.  The pressure that they have to carry each and every day would crush me.
For every move that you make is measured.  Not only for you, but  your family.  Can you really be who you are, when so many people are watching every minute of your life?  Although the children have the time of their lives, they still have to be so guarded in their actions and their friends.
Knowing, that even if the decision you make would be for the best, there are going to be those that will oppose you.  I am a peace maker.
My hat goes off to each of our President and their families.  The life that they have to uphold is not an easy one.  There will always be those that will want to tear you down and destroy your character.  Only the strong are able to come up against the slaughter each and every time they speak.  I can't even begin to think how the traveling would grow old and always having to be on my best behavior.
Where have we come as a nation, that we have to try to tear down our men and women in office.  I may not always agree, but with God's help, I hope that I can learn to keep my opinions to myself.  The Lord admonishes in His Word for me to pray and to lift the people in office before Him.  I am so thankful that there are people that want and desire to step up to office.  For they want to speak for the people of their states and country.
I am blessed to live in the United States and am happy to be a mother and housewife.

35 Years Ago, Our First Daughter and My Best Friend Was Born

Exactly 35  years ago, I got up, got dressed, went over to my Mother's and then went to get my Grandmother.  Then we headed out for Dr. Matthew's office.  For that day was the day that our first daughter was to be born.  Or at least, we were hoping that it was a little girl.  At that time, there was a lot of guessing about the gender of the unborn child.
Well, I went in, but the dr. told me that I needed to go for a long walk, that is after he gave me a shot.  So off to the park, we went.  All three of us walking and hoping that my labor pains would start to kick in.  After a while, my grandmother said enough already, let's take her and have the dr. check her out.  (that meaning me) After waiting to see the dr., he finally sent me to the hospital.
After getting me settled in a room at Methodist Hospital in Lubbock, Texas, we began the long, long wait.  Here I was thinking wow, now it is just a matter of minutes.  Not hardly.  Sixteen hours later of hard labor, without any drugs, our precious, MANDY JEAN (named after the book, Mandy and my mother) arrived.  Just a side note:  At this time I had had a chocolate poodle that was named Mandy, and to this day, people really think that I stooped so low, that I would name my first born after a dog.  NOT HARDLY!!!!!
My husband was so cool and steady, that the nurses thought that my brother, Stephen was the dad.  For he was the one fussing at the nurses about not giving me any thing for the pain. (What a great brother).
After a stay in the hospital for a few days in a plain room.  Nothing like the ladies get today. I finally went home, not to my house, but to my Mother's.  We stayed there, for my Mother not only took  care of me, but had the time to spoil Mandy. The first grandchild and first great-grandchild.  In my day, Mother's took care of the new mother and child.  It was so nice having her there to pamper me.
Now, 35 years later, our little Mandy has grown into a lovely lady.  She has a heart for the Lord, a great and good-looking husband that we are so proud to call  our son-in-law.  They together have blessed our lives with 2 sassy, wonderful, and energetic daughters.
Mandy is the first of our four awesome daughters.  Over the years, she has become my very best friend, one that I can always count on.  If you ever get the opportunity to know her, you will find that she can be a little sassy, straight to the point and a loyal friend.

 Our Mandy, on her first trip to church. This was her dedication dress, and was used for all four girls and then Mandy's two girls.
My Mother, Betty Jean, with her first grand-daughter.
 WOw, momma, this dog is as big as me.  He won't eat me, will he?        

Mandy always loved playing with the cats, now she can't be around them, due to allergies.

Monday, October 4, 2010

donkey ear babies

A couple of weeks ago, I got energized and decide that the time had come to separate the babies from the mother plant.  By the time I was through, I had thirty-four baby plants.  Today, I was out looking at them and noticed that on some of the baby plants, there were babies growing on them.
I think that I am going to have to call one of the plant nurseries and see if I could sell some of them.

I also noticed that my Flapjack plant is a beautiful color.  Then I looked over on my table and one of my plants look like they are fixing to start to blossom.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Worms, Worms and More Worms

Two days ago, my Passion Vine was in lovely form.  I even had some flowers and the bees were swarming around so much, that I had a hard time smelling the flowers.  Of course, I had to stick my nose to the flower.
Well, this morning, I get up and go out to check on my plants.  I noticed that the passion vine was droopy.  After taking a closer look, I saw dozens of worms eating the leaves and having a great time at it.
After taking some off by hand, I realized that I had gotten some spray just for this time.  Now, I just don't spray lightly, those worms had no chance of living another moment.

I am glad to report that I will be watching my plant a little closer for anymore of those pesty worms.

Lizard finally has a name

What a surprise I received today when I logged on.  Not one, but six comments.
After looking over the names I decided on "Babe".  Not only did Bella give a name for the little lizard, but she told me what type of lizard he is.  A "patootie lizard, now lives in my pitcher plant and eats the bugs.
What a great story I will have to share about his name.  "Babe" in honor of Babe Ruth.  For you see his position in baseball was in the PITCHER spot.  How awesome!
I am not a big fan of baseball, but as a young girl, I always enjoyed going to my brothers games.  But in all honesty, I am not sure if they would have been as much fun without the big dill pickles!
Thanks to everyone that came up with a name.


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