Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Please name my Lizard

On Saturday morning, I was out watering my plants.  As I was putting water into my little pitchers on my Pitcher Plant, out pops a little head.  Now, let me tell you, I am normally squeamish around lizards.  I thought, wow, am I glad that I hadn't put water in the pitcher.  What would I have done if that little lizard had jumped out on me?  I am sure that anyone looking would have thought, "that lady is having a fit!"  Then I get my breath back and think oh, that is cool.  Then I realize after talking to my husband, that it would be good to have a lizard living in my plant.  He said that they eat bugs, which is great, except that the main reason for a Pitcher Plant is for catching bugs.  Well, this lady is going to let the lizard live and he can help take care of the bugs on that particular plant.

I went out again this morning to see if he was still there and yes, he was still there and I had my camera ready this time when he poked his out.  I know this is crazy, but I think that I could enjoy having lizards live within my plants.  Just as long as they respect my space and don't jump on me.  Then I might have to rethink.  So if anyone has any name for my lizard, let me know.  I thought that I would let my grand-daughters have a look and see what name they can give.

Monday, September 27, 2010

How Did I Come Up With The Name?

When my daughter, Mandy decided that she was going to do a blog about her succulents, well, you know I could not sit by and let her do one without me.  My Mandy was telling me that her daughters always called the "living stones" baby butts.  So I decided that my blog would be called baby butts and little toes succulents.  I added the succulents, because I did not want anyone to think that my blog was NASTY!  My daughter has shown me how much fun the succulents are and how peaceful working with them can be. She just didn't tell me that when I go to visit her, that I would find myself stopping  at the Lowe's and Home Depot's to find a restroom.  It is amazing how much fun it is to stop for restroom breaks!!!!

Writer's Workshop - A Time That I Should Have Listened To My Mother

Writing assignment for Mama Kat's Weekly Writing Workshop

Now don't get me wrong, but looking back, I wonder if my mother was not right.

Almost seventeen years ago, we adopted our first grand-daughter.  When our Bridgett asked us if we would adopt her child when it was born, of course my response was YES!  How could I let someone else raise our first grandchild?  I remember sharing this with my mother and she was most adamant in telling me that we would be doing Bridgett and the child wrong.  At that point, all I could see was that our Bridgett was not ready to become a mother.

Now  years later, not only do we have a seventeen year old daughter, but we also have a fourteen year old daughter.  The road has been a lot of ups and downs. Times when I thought that I was going to lose it.  I have come to the conclusion that perhaps my mother was more wise than I gave her credit.  I think now, it would have been wiser to have been their legal custodians and let Bridgett have remained their mother.

At this time is my life, I have four beautiful daughters and they are my life.  But would the last two have been happier if we would have remained their grand-parents?

Mothers should always be listened to.  We should never disregard what they have to share (even if we have to step back and think on it awhile).  Remember, the Lord has placed them to help guide and to protect us when our emotions run away.  My wonderful mother has since passed and how I would love to sit down and let her know that perhaps in this case, she was more than right.


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