Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I remember when my parents moved into their new home after I had gotten married.  The kitchen was so large.  The wonderful thing about it, was the bar.  It even had a soda fountain, that had the ice cream, fixings and even the soda pumps.  It really was amazing.  My Daddy owned "ICEE OF WEST TEXAS" at that time.  So he made his own syrup.  At that time, I was sort of jealous.  Why, now?  Why not, when I was living at home?  Oh, well.

Now I know you are probably wondering what this has to do with my title of my blog?  Right!  Well,  you see, my Mother thought that she would love the bar, except as time went by, she began to despise that bar.  WHY?  Well, because everything that came into the house seemed to find it's way to the bar.  She was always fussing about people putting their stuff on the bar instead of putting it where it belonged.

This is exactly what happens to my Sun room!  So the other day, I decided that I was going to take matters into my own hands.  Trust me, when I say this, my family really doesn't appreciate when I do this.  Because, by this time, I figure if it has been setting there for a while, then you really don't need it.  So the back of my car is rather full.  I have noticed that my Tommy, has been checking out the stuff  and has actually taken some things out.  But has it made its way back to the Sun room?  No!

So now I will share some pictures with you of my succulents.  We do have a pool table in the room.  Does it get played often?  NO!  And if I had my way about it, it would be gone.  I really have no use for things that are not used.  That is unless it is books!  I do leave my Tommy's office alone.  In fact, he told me the other day, that the only room that he sneezes in, is his office.  I told him, I wonder why?  It is because you don't clean it.  When I go in and have cleaned, he fusses, because, then he can't find anything.  So the last time, I decided that his office is his domain.


From the back:

What is the only word in the English language that ends in -mt?

Answering tricky reference questions like this one is more than enough excitement for recently single librarian Lindsey Norris.  That is, until someone in her cozy new hometown of Briar Creek, Connecticut, commits murder, and the most pressing question is whodunit...

Lindsey is just getting into her groove as the director of the Briar Creek Public Library when a vacationing New York editor brings a little buzz to the small town.  It's the perfect chance for her friend Beth to sell the children's book she's written.  Unfortunately, Beth's boyfriend, Rick, a famous author and local celebrity, tries to stop her.  When Lindsey and Beth meet the editor, they uncover the real reason for Rick's bad attitude...

They go to confront Rick at his house on the storied and mysterious Thumb Islands, only to find him murdered.  The local chief of police like Beth for the murderer and isn't interested in looking elsewhere.  Now Lindsey has to act fast before they throw the book at the wrong person...

My Review:

Lindsey loves working along side her college friend, Beth, at the Briar Creek Public Library.  Beth has always dreamed of writing children's books, so when Lindsey finds out that a New York editor is vacationing in their town, she pushes Beth to see her.  What a surprise meets them both, when the editor talks with them.

Deciding to go and confront Rick, Beth's boyfriend, a famous author, who has always told Beth that her work was no good, she finds him dead.  Can Lindsey help Beth clear her name, before the chief of police decides that he needs to look further?  Was Rick really who he said he was?  Could Lindsey and Beth possibly be the next victims?

This is my first book to read by Jenn McKinlay and i found it to be a book that I wanted to read until the end.  A small town, cosy library, colorful characters and recipes to be found at the end, what more does a book need.  I am only hoping that there will be more coming from this small town, with its lovely characters.  If you enjoy a great mystery, that is clean reading and leaves you with a smile.  Then you will enjoy this book.  I give a shining 5 star rating.

**And yes, Mandy, this book is in the box, ready to be sent your way!!!



From the back of book:
Welcome To Redemption, Oklahoma

The idyllic little town Cheyenne Rhodes has chosen for her fresh start is almost too welcoming.  After all, she's come here to hide from her past - not to make new friends.

But singe dad Trace Bowman isn't about to let Cheyenne hide away her heart.  he can't ignore the special way she has with his daughter, Zoey - or how she's reminded him of the power of real love.  Now he needs to convince Cheyenne that Redemption is more than a place to hide - it's also a way to be found...

My Review:

Cheyenne Rhodes is trying to leave her past behind and start a new life.  Finding a box with puppies, she stops in the town of Redemption, Oklahoma, hoping to find someone that she can leave the puppies with. Finding her way to the veterinarian, not only does Cheyenne find a home for the puppies, but a job for herself.

Working along side, Trace Bowman, the doctor, a single dad and not bad on the eyes, Cheyenne finds herself relaxing and enjoying the calm atmosphere of the town and it's people.

When Cheyenne realizes that Trace and his daughter, Zoey are beginning to want more of her in their lives, will she be able to let the past go and allow the Lord to heal her hurts?  Or will Cheyenne leave those that could help in her healing process?

This is the first book in the "Redemption River Series" by Linda Goodnight.  I did not want to put the book down.  The author has taken the reader right into the town of Redemption and you feel like you are walking down the sidewalk with the characters. I give this book a 5 star rating.


From the back of the book:
"Are You My Dad?"

The You Boy's question shocks Sloan Hawkins.
Until Sloan realizes he is this child's father.
Years ago, the former bad boy was run out of
Redemption, Oklahoma, where, ironically, he
 was thought unredeemable.  The only people who
believed in him were his beloved aunt and
Annie Markham the girl he loved and left
behind.  Now Sloan is back is back to face his past and
and help his aunt's cherished garden thriving.
But when he discovers his secret child - and that
single mother Annie never stopped loving him -
he's determined that a wedding will take place in
the garden nurtured by faith and love.

My Review:
     The night of the senior prom, Annie Markham was all excited to share her secret with the love of her life, Sloan Hawkins. Yet, all she got was stood up.  
     Now twelve years later, Sloan has shown up on his aunt's doorstep. His aunt is dying and Annie is not sure if she can keep her continue to keep Sloan at a distance. When all she wants is to feel his arms around her.

     Sloan may have been gone for twelve years, but he has never gotten over his, Annie.  Now that he knows that they have a son together, can the past be mended.  Could there be a chance for them to be a family, even though Annie's father hates him.

    This is just one of the books that are in the "Redemption River Series" by Linda Goodnight. I loved it.  I enjoyed the way that the author brought the characters together not as fiction, but as real life would be.  Life is not always a fairytale, but with the Grace of God, we are able to walk through the valleys and mountain tops that we are faced with in life.

    I would gladly give this book a 5 star rating.  I know that most of the books that I have read lately have been given this rating.  I try to be as honest as I can.  This book was easy to read.  One that you could pick up for the week-end and finish. This is the 2nd book in the series.


From the back:

She Vowed She'd Never Love Again...

Faith and warm memories have helped widow Kitty Wainwright endure the loss of her husband.

That 's all she's ever needed...until she hires contractor Jace carter to repair her motel.  Kitty has no idea the silent, scarred Jace has admired her since they set eyes on each other.  Although Kitty's wary of letting anyone into her heart, Jace can't ignore his feelings for her.  But with old secrets threatening to ruin his future happiness, Jace has to put his past to rest before he can convince Kitty that she belongs by his side.

My Review:Who

Kitty had always felt satisfied with her life after her husband died.  She had her motel, had been married to the man of her dreams and she felt that she could never love another.  That was, until Jace Carter began coming around helping with the repairs of her motel.

Jace knew that his feelings for Kitty were more than just wanting to help, but he had secrets in his past that made him feel that he could never deserve someone as precious as Kitty.

When a friend from his past comes into town, Jace feels that it is his place to give his friend a second chance.  Even though Jace has turned his life around, has his friend?  Or is it another scam?  When Jace begins to hear things around town, will he be too late to save Kitty from losing what he thinks is so important to her?  Will Kitty and the townspeople find out what Jace has been trying so hard to keep secret? 

Once again, the author Linda Goodnight has written a book that I read in one setting.  I just didn't want to put the book down.  The author has rightly named this series "Redemption"  I was so excited to read this book that as soon as I finished, I ordered the next one.  I give this book a 5 star rating.  I loved it.  This is the 3rd book in the series.


From the back:

Who Is Little Davey?

In Redemption, Oklahoma, a young boy is found huddled in a Dumpster, clutching a Christmas book.  Scared and refusing to speak, he captures undercover agent Kade McKendrick's guarded heart.  Kade brings the child home until he can track down his family - and his story.  All Kade has is a name, Davey, and the boy's trust of sweet teacher Sophie Bartholomew.  With her kindness and faith, Sophie helps both the boy and the battle-scarred cop to smile again.  And as they uncover the mystery of a very special child, a family is formed - just in time for Christmas.

My Review:

Kade has come to Redemption to stay with his aunt in order to relax from an undercover job, that sent his life in a tailspin.  Never dreaming that he and Sophie, a teacher, he had never met before would be trying to unravel a young boy's life, that could not speak. 

Davey was found in a dumpster holding a tattered Christmas book, with no voice to tell them where he came from or who he belonged to.  As Kade and Sophie begin to search for Davey's family, will Kade allow God to show him the real reason that he is in Redemption?

This is the 4th book in this series and I loved reading it, even though it was past the Christmas season.  I absolutely love the way that Linda Goodnight just takes the reader right into the book and allows you to walk right along side the characters.  You even can feel the emotions as you read.  I am so ready to send these to my daughter, for her to read and then share with others.  I know that I have given each of the above books a 5 star rating, but I feel that these books are just that good.  Thank you Linda, for writing in such a way that I feel like I am walking right along side your characters.

**There is one more book in this series and I can not wait to read it.  I have got it setting by my chair, but I have just started Bible College Classes and I am having a time trying to fit time for reading.  But rest assured, I will be reading it before long and will be posting a review. My Mandy has already requested that I read a number of other books already.  And yes, Mandy, they are setting by my chair also.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Follow Friday

1. Sometimes I would love to go off with a box of books and hide away for a week or two and just read.

2. I have great memories of high school.

3. Deciding what to cook before I need to is such a pain sometimes.

4. Reading is my favorite thing I love to do.

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Day Spent WIth My Alexis

Today started out early for me.  I am not a early morning person.  My hours of production are in the evening time.  So when I heard the shower this morning at 5:30, I thought, ugh!

Now I wasn't about to get up at that time.  So I laid back down and listen to David Jeremiah on the radio and I am sure fell back into a light sleep.  At the ripe time of 7:30, I finally, got up and got ready for the day.

I can just hear you ladies out there.  I know so many of you get up very early and my hat is off to you.  But my time is at night, not the morning.

I had to have my Alexis at the Base by 9:30 to see the doctor.  It seems that she has a plantar wart on the bottom of her foot and she has been trying to dig it out herself.  So off to the the Base we went.  After, the doctor used the liquid freeze stuff (I have completely forgotten what it is called), we had to wait around for another hour and a half,  only be told that the lady we needed to talk to, was in a meeting.

I decided to leave my number and when she got through with her meeting, she could just call.  As of this evening, I am still waiting.  Hopefully, by tomorrow, I will have heard something.  It seems that the wart will have to be taken out by the doctor.  Now, by surgery or just in the office, I am not sure.

Alexis did get a pair of crutches to use, out of the visit.

Then, it was on to lunch with Payton at the BX and then  home, so I could get to painting.  Of all the colors, Alexis would choose for her kitchen, she choose RED!  I have already put three coats on and I am thinking that I will have to put on at least 2 more coats.  I will try to remember to take pictures tomorrow and post them on for you to see.

This is the back door coming into the kitchen.  We painted all the kitchen in this red.  I ended up using 4-5 coats.
Our Alexis is growing up and is becoming a young lady.  She is actually good at keeping her home with Payton clean and is even good at cooking.  I must have done somethings right.


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