Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Backyard Horses

Daydreaming.  If there is anything that will end up sending Ellie to the principal's office, it would be daydreaming.  It seems that she just can't stop dreaming of one day of owning her own horse.

Sitting at her desk. gazing out the window, she sees a horse on the loose.  Will anyone believe her or will they think she is just imagining it.

This is the first book in the "Backyard Horses" series by Dandi Daley Mackall.  It is a Kids/Juvenile/Fiction book.  I would most definately recommend this book.  It was easy to read and even for those that aren't horse lovers are surely to enjoy it.  Looking forward to reading the next in the series.

I give the book a 5 star rating.

This is a book that I received from Tyndale House to review.

Friday, August 26, 2011

ABC's of Me WIth Prompts

A  Age- 56 as of December
B  Bed size - Queen with a Tempedic mattress
C  Chore You Dislike - cleaning up after my children
D  Dogs - Black Lab (Buster) and Westie (Capt. Knuckles)
E  Essential start to my day - A nice cold Diet Dr. Pepper
F  Favorite Color - Blue
G  Gold or Silver - Silver
H  Height - 5'5"
I  Instrument you play - Piano
J  Junk Food - Chocolate and salty
K  Kids - Four lovely daughters (ages 35 - 15)
L  Live - Alabama (but my heart belongs in Texas)
M  Mom's name - Betty
N  Nicknames - Panda
O  Overnight Hospital Stays - When my girls were born,      Gallbladder, Hysterectomy, Mini 
P  Pet Peeves - Parents and Grandparents that tend to get in their children's spats with 
               their friends(I am a believer in letting my children fight their own 
               battles) and being late.
Q  Quote from a movie - I just went to see the movie "The Help" and I will not be able
                        to eat a certain dessert without remembering this quote.  I 
                        would love to share, but then I would ruin the movie for some.
R  Right or Lefty - Right
S  Siblings - 2 brothers and 2 sisters
T  Time You Wake Up - Normally, I am up by 8
U  Underwear - Absolutely!!!!!!!
V  Vegetables You Don't Like - Mushrooms
W  What Makes You Run Late - Books
X  X-rays You Have Had - Head, both shoulders, both knees, chest, both feet.
Y  Yummy Foods You Make - Brownies
Z  Zoo Animal Favorites - Monkeys

I found this on  I would love to have you join in.  This way, we can learn alittle more about each other.  Have a blessed weekend.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

While I'm Waiting - John Waller

I found this video on one of the blogs I visited and I loved it.

My desire is that the Lord will find me busy while I wait for His direction in my life.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


For those that will wait until "Happy Hour" at Sonic to get their coveted drink, now you can make it at home.  Today, while visiting over at ", I found this fabulous recipe.  All you will need are the following items.

1 can frozen limeade concentrate
(you could also use the lime juice in a bottle)

1 - 2 liter bottle of Sprite

Juice from 1- 10 oz. jar of cherries

fresh limes


Crushed Ice or better yet, go to Sonic and get the bag of ice

Just mix this all together and enjoy.  I have found that the time of day that I go, the lime will be just right or way over-bearing.  So now, for those of us that enjoy a tall glass of Cherry Limeade, we have the opportunity to have it anytime and way less the cost.

So, go get your supplies and don't forget the ice and enjoy.  I really think that the ice is what makes the drink so enjoyable.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Today over at for the five-minute-Friday, writing, the word is NEW.  So here goes my five minutes of writing.

When I think of the word New, my mind automatically goes to the saying, New Every Morning, Great is Thy Faithfulness.  

I am so glad that the Lord has given each one of us a new day.  

A day that is like a clean slate.

A day that will only get messed up, if I let it.

A day to begin over.

A day to look at my children and try to make their day happy.  Without me fussing or complaining at them over some little things.

A new day to hear from my granddaughter, Shelby.

A new day that might bring my Mandy a new job that she so deserves.

I am just glad that I wake up to the sound of birds, not guns or bombs going off.

That's all folks!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Doctor Visit

For the last couple of months, I have been having trouble with my feet hurting.  When I went to Texas in May, I began to notice that when I was on my feet alot, they would hurt.  I even got me a pair of Crocs hoping that they would help.

When I got home with the granddaughters, there were a couple of days that I found I could hardly move on my feet.  I finally ended up in the Pri-med and they took x-rays.  After a couple of hours of waiting for results, the doctor came back and said, I had no heel spurs and gave me some medicine for the inflammation.

Now it is August and once again, I have ended back at the doctor.  This time, the doctor didn't even touch me and told me that it sounded like "plantar fascia".  Told me that the best thing I could do would be to stay off my feet for 6 weeks.  Well, you can imagine my reaction to this.  So he said to stay off my feet for the next 3 days and then I should think about "physical therapy".  This I can do (I think).

My laundry room is still not completely painted and I have decided to change the trim color.  Actually, my whole house could use some tlc.  So for the next three days, I will try to behave and stay on the couch,  clean out my emails, read some, and catch up on my recorded shows.  I will even roll the bottle of frozen water under my feet.  They say that this is suppose to help with the swelling.

Life is so full of surprises as I grow older.  But I will try not to complain.  I will just be happy that I have two feet to walk, two hands to work with my plants and keep my house clean (not to mention all the painting I want to do), a voice to tell my loved ones that I Love Them, and eyes that can take in all of God's glory.


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