Monday, May 21, 2012


Today was set apart to get my hair colored.

My favorite person to color my hair is my daughter, Bridgett.  I could go to the salon and have it done.  But this always give my Bridgett and myself time to share.  It is amazing the topics that we discuss.  From the grandchildren, to politics, to discussion on the Bible, and beyond.

Today, was a variety of topics. We started out talking about the man on the internet that is I believe only 30 and he has 40 children.  So sad, really, they take money out of his pay check and some of the mothers only get $1.49 in child support.  What can a mother do with that amount of money?

Then we discussed the world situation and what my Tommy has been sharing.

Now, I normally use the L'Oreal or Revlon hair color, but I had been reading about the reviews for the new hair color from Avon.  So I decided to purchase 4 boxes of the Light Brown.

The reason I had started using the Revlon, was because this one was listed as the best one to cover gray.  I have used it in the Light Brown and have liked the color.  The only thing that I have not been happy with is when I wash my hair.  My hair feels like straw before putting the conditioner on it.  Is my hair soft after I dry it out, yes.  So, I suppose this is just the way that store bought hair colors do.

I did like the smell of the Avon hair color and the way it felt after I finished styling.  Now, it did not feel as rough wet as with the Revlon brand.  Will I use the Avon brand again, probably.  I was able to get the boxes at under $5.00 a piece.  So this was a good savings, compared to the L'Oreal brand, yet the Revlon one that I use is under $3.00.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Logan's 4th Birthday

I just realized that I have not posted since Easter!

So today, I got to thinking that I needed to get on the ball and start posting about my life and those in it.

Today, was Logan's 4th birthday.  Now this young man is not my grandson, but one of our renter's  children.  His mother, Ramona invited me to attend.   I love having children on the place.  All of our girls have grown up and so I get to enjoy other's little ones.

My husband, Tommy decided that it would be a great day to bring out the tractor.  Yes, the very one that he took our youngest granddaughter, Shelby on last summer. The same one that quit 2 miles from the house and they had to walk all the way back home.  In the heat!  Was our Shelby very angry at Caitlin and her Nana, Yes!!!!!!

 Logan with his daddy

 My hubby, Tommy and his tractor

I decided that today, was the day that I was going to do something different.  I am going to start taking pictures of the things that happen in my day and post them.  Hope that you have enjoyed the pictures.  Have a blessed week.


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