Monday, July 25, 2011

Something That I Wish I Could have Done?

Have you ever looked back after someone came to visit and wished that you could have done something before they arrived?

Well, this happened to me this past week.  My Mandy, and her Bob, came to get the granddaughters.  I had gone to get them the first of June and it was time for them to go back home.  Caitlin had her first volleyball camp before school started, today.

My plan was to have all the weeds pulled around the pool and to have the house clean.  I suppose the house was okay, but the pool are was  different story.  Sorry, Mandy, it was not that I didn't want to have the place in tip top shape, time just ran away from me.

So, this morning found me outside at 7:30 attacking the pool area.  I uprooted all my tomato plants, rearranged some of the pots, trimmed the ground cover and got all the trash and water balloons all picked up.  I even used the power nozzle on the pool surround and the loungers.  I think that I might have gotten more water on me though.

I remember when my parents or my Grandma would come to visit.  Not only would the house get cleaned, but the closets, drawers and yard.  I know that they would probably not go around looking in drawers and closets.  There was just this unspoken expectation that I had for myself regarding the appearance of my home for them.  

A clean house has always been important to me.  Yet, as I get older, I realize that I would rather have it orderly.  My goal now, is to start with one room at a time and get rid of stuff.

This is the entrance into the backyard. I pulled the weeds that were in the rocks and the placed the planter that has yellow and pink Purslane.

 Behind the loungers, I placed two of my   
                       Aloe plants.  I got the largest one from
                       my Daddy (before he pasted away) and 
                       now it is growing other plants.  I also
                       put a plant that my sister and I saw on
                       our way a few years ago taking our little 
                       sister to the airport. 

I placed the glass table in the corner and placed all the pots and soil in the sunroom.

I decide that the grill needed to be moved
   and then cleaned the table area up.

I even decided that the ornamental grass could use a haircut.  The walk around the pool is so much easier to maneuver since the ground cover got it's haircut.

See how much nicer it look, Mandy!  You can even see my small Texas flag.

I only had the energy left to place the loungers up, except for one.  That was because there was TWO hornet nest.  I will leave this for another day.

Now that I have sat for awhile, my body is letting me know that while the pool area may look great, I did more than I should have at one time.  Oh, the pleasures of growing old.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

What Is Your Favorite?

Today's Topic:What is your favorite thing to do while it's raining?

Growing up, I always loved to hear the rain.  That meant that I would be able to stay inside.  Now this probably sounds like a crazy thing to say, but growing up my Mother was always having to make me go outside. I absolutely hated getting dirty and sweaty.

So when it rains, I am quite happy.

The best thing to do when it rains is to hurry and get the house clean and then turn all the lights out.  That is except for the small reading light that I have placed my the sofa or my chair.  There is nothing so pleasant as hearing the rain falling, a cozy blanket over my lap, a cold diet dr. pepper with a lot of ice, my chili & lemon peanuts, and a good book.  If I am fortunate, the house will be quiet (no tv or noise).  Now I really don't mind having some soft music playing, but no words.

Come join us at and share what you enjoy doning on a rainy day.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Today, while visiting over at, the topic was baskets.

There are so many ways to use them.  While we were stationed in Turkey, shopping for baskets was an adventure.  So many and all were done by hand.  While there, I acquired quite a collection.  I had them hanging from the ceiling in the sunroom and then on my walls.  But, with moving and time, I have lost most of them.

You can use them for storing your make-up, lost socks, cleaning solutions, books, magazines, towels and the list can go on.  Today, my goal is to clean out the one that sit above my dryer.

The best thing about baskets, is that you can put them in a room,  fill them up and your room will look neat and tidy.

How about you, do you have anything that needs to be in the room, but would like it to be out of sight?  Try a basket and then step back and smile.


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