Saturday, March 31, 2012

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1.       I loved reading as a kid and still do.

2.       I drive Murano Nissan.

3.       I am currently reading Double Jeopardy by Terri Reed.

4.       I wish I could instantly have a body just like Jillian Michaels.

Sunday, March 25, 2012



From the Back Cover:

Zak To The Rescue

Doing the right thing always came easily to firefighter Zak Ashford.  So he can't refuse taking in the dying wife he thought divorced him long ago - and watching over her three troubled children.  The only person Zak can turn to is his cute neighbor, Jilly Fairmont, who  helps him and the children through their loss.  And not just because she secretly cares for Zak.  Yet it isn't long before Zak realizes what this honest, compassionate woman means to him. too.  Can he convince Jilly that his life would be complete if she agreed to share his future?

My Review:

Zak Ashford just thought his life was in control.  A bachelor, enjoying his work as a firefighter and dreaming of a career in baseball, and a best friend, named Jilly Fairmont.

The day that Crystal drove up in his driveway, with three children and fainted, changed not only his life, but Jilly's.  Crystal, dying with cancer,  has brought her three children in hopes of finding them a home with Zak.  She knows that she only has a small space of time to find someone that will love her children as their own.

Will the friendship that  Zak and Jilly have, be able to weather the changes?  What changes will Crystal's children bring in the next couple of weeks?  Is there a plan that the Lord is trying to show Zak and will he answer the call?

This is the last book in the "Redemption Series" by Linda Goodnight.  I have the privilege of reading all the books in the series.  The last book was as exciting as the first.  I have fallen in love with the characters in each book.  I would give the author a 5 star rating.  Once you start, you won't want to stop.


From Back Cover:


A perilous journey to South America is the only way to retrieve the child.  With her missing brother's daughter back in her arms, Sonny Montgomery finally feels safe.  Until a handsome, cold-eyed bounty hunter stops her moments before boarding a plane to the U.S.

Gill Waite is after her brother.  All he cares about is "finding the fugitive" and collecting his money.  Sonny won't betray her family.  Yet she has no choice but to go with Gil.. A man whose rugged exterior hides the heat of a hero.

My Review:

All Sonny wanted was to get her brother's baby daughter and get out of Colombia.  Just steps away from boarding the plane, she feels someone grab her arm.  Knowing that she cannot afford to make a scene, she goes with him.

Gill has been watching Sonny and knows that she is the link to finding her brother.  Has his desire to find the fugitive clouded his thinking and put not only himself, but his team in harm's way?

With the whole country out looking for the baby, will Gil and his team be able to get Sonny and the baby out before someone finds them?  Or will Gill be so intent on his job that it becomes costly to others?


From Back Cover:


The rustic lakeside homestead is supposed to be a refuge for widow Nori Edwards.  However, the moment the single mom arrives, strange and frightening things start happening.  Former police officer Steve Baylor - the only resident who'll step foot on the "cursed" property - vows to protect Nori.  And catch the shadowy someone dead set on terrorizing her.  For the first time, she feels safe.  But danger won't stay hidden forever...and neither will Nori's stalker, who's waiting for a chance to let a deadly storm roll in.

My Review:

Nori knows that she has been under a lot of stress, since her husband died.  Buying the place on Whisper Lake was just the thing that Nori thought would help her to move forward.  With doors and windows being left opened, that she was certain that she had closed, is someone trying to scare Nori from her place of peace?   Will Nori find herself in danger before the culprits are found?


From Back Cover:


The amnesiac patient in the makeshift Amazon hospital looks familiar to visiting American nurse Amy Graham.  This isn't the first time she's seen those blue-gray eyes, the hard lines of his handsome face.  When Amy sees his birthmark, she knows exactly who he is: Micah McKnight, the presumed-dead Navy SEAL.  Her best friend's brother.  The man her own mother set up to die.

Amy can't bear to tell him the dangerous truth about his hidden past.  But her secrets are about to explode, because now someone is after them both.

My Review:

Amy's own mother is the one that was responsible for the attack on Micah McKnight's team.  Now, here he is in the hospital with amnesiac.  Growing up with Micah, Amy was over at his home visiting with his sister.  The day in the forest, Amy sees the birthmark and is sure that it is Micah.  How can she tell him, when he has begun to trust her.  Will the truth be more than Micah can handle?  What will become of the relationship between Amy and Micah?


 The author, Sylvia Hensel, states in her book that so many times, she finds herself transported to another place.  She talks about the feeling of being wrapped in God's love.

This was a different style of book I normally review.  As I opened the book, I knew right away, that it was going to be one of richness.  So many times, I get down to pray and my mind is still racing with all the things that need to be done. This book would be a great one to have along side, in that closet of prayer.  Just to open it up and begin reading, caused me to feel like I was reading love letters to my "Heavenly Father".

This is a book that each woman could use at any moment of the day.  I found as I was reading, my heart begin to take on each word, as if it was coming from my own heart.

I received this e-book as a complimentary copy to read and post my honest opinion.  This would be a book that I would give as a gift to my friends.  What a lovely book full of prayers.

Monday, March 19, 2012

THE NEXT TARGET by Nikki Arana

Austia Donatelli, never dreamt the paths her life would take the day she watched her husband, David, board the airplane on his way to minister to the Muslims.

Now, with the passing of David's death, Ausita, has felt the Lord leading her to continue his ministry.  Working at the Career Center, she is helping the Muslim women learn the English language. When women begin to come to her, to learn about Jesus, she knows that she is not only putting their lives in danger, but her own.

When one of her students, Sabirah, a Muslim, is found shot, Austia, knows that her family were responsible. Had she been careless in her ministry?

Zaki, a Muslim man, comes in shortly after and applies for a job to be an interpreter for the Muslim men that come to the Center.  Has he been sent to find out if Austia is the one, responsible for Sabirah becoming a Christian?  Could he be the one that not only ends her ministry, but her life?

I first become acquainted with the author, Nikki Arana, when I reviewed her first book, "The Winds of  Sonoma".  This was the first in the series, "Regalo Grande".  I fell in love with this author.  When she asked if I would be interested in reviewing her new book, I absolutely jumped at the chance.

"The Next Target" is completely different that the first three, and I was taken in by the first page.  I started reading it at night and found that it was 4am, when I finished.  This is a book that I will share, but I definitely want back on my shelf.  

In this book, I was given a glimpse of what Muslim women have to go through.  Freedom, that I take for granted.  I highly recommend this book.  Nikki Arana, has written a book that will take the reader on a journey, that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.  Just remember to breathe.

I give this book a 5 star rating and I am looking forward to more books from this talented author.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Book Giveaway: Murder Buys a T-shirt

Glory Martine loves the quaint souvenir shop she inherited from her great-uncle Louis. Not only did she get a shop filled with collectibles and mementos, she also inherited his parrot, Bluebeard. The shop is situated in the small town of Keyhole Bay in Florida, where everyone knows everyone else’s business.

When the town’s football hero, Kevin Stanley, dies in a car accident, Bluebeard becomes uncontrollable. He’s destroying the shop and he begins uttering words that lead Glory to the conclusion that this death was no accident. She’s not about to tell the authorities or her friends that her shop is haunted and her pet parrot says it’s murder, so she has no choice but take matters into her own hands and search for the truth herself.

Glory manages to take some time for herself when she meets the new owner of the bookstore across the street. The attraction is mutual, but obstacles are continually thrown in their path. 

This is the first book in a brand new series, “A Haunted Souvenir Shop Mystery” and it’s off to a delightful start. 

For a chance to win this book, go to:

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


On Sunday, we had a guest speaker, Kim Klaudt.  It was wonderful.  I remember hearing him when the oldest two girls were younger and in high school.  He and his family minister to the Indian Community.  I was not even aware that the Indian men don't live long , mostly due to alcohol and that their young people rate the highest on the suicide rate.

Well, yesterday, his topic was "Are You Happy?"

Most people would answer yes, but when we really think about it are we really?  Would we be happier if we could only look like that other person, have that new car, a bigger home, kinder children?    Americans have been so programed that we need more and more.  You go to Hollywood and all you see are people that are always looking for that next face lift, newer exercise CD.  I could go on, but I think by now, you should have the idea.

Kim gave 4 steps for us to find that happy place, and I would like to share it with my readers.

1.  Realizing that I am created in God's image.
      Genesis 1:26
      Psalm 139 - I so love verse 14  "I will praise You,     
                         for I am fearfully and wonderfully
                         made.  Marvelous are Your works."
      Jeremiah 1:4 -10

2.   God has a plan for you.
       Jeremiah 29: 11 - "For I know the thoughts that I            
                                    think toward you, says the
                                    Lord, thoughts of peace and
                                    not of evil. to give you a
                                    future and a hope.

Now, here, Kim mentioned that although the Lord has a plan for my life, I can rob myself of my 
       DESTINY, by my mouth.

3.    Your sin has separated you from His plan.

4.    God has built a bridge made out of blood - JESUS

Coming home and meditating on the message, I realized that due to some of the choices that I had made,  probably had closed doors that I could have walked down.  Now, does this sadden me, yes, but I can honestly say that God loves me so much, that He didn't just drop me off on the side of the road.  

Today, I might not have the greatest or biggest home, wardrobe, car or loads of material wealth.  But I can say this, I have learnt that my happiness doesn't come from those.  Having a daily walk with the Lord and choosing to do my best to listen to His voice, I am happy.

WHAT DO I THINK OF MYSELF? Blessed going in and Blessed coming out.  I can't go back in time and redo my mistakes, but I can start today to allow the Lord to guide my life in the direction that He has for me.

WHAT ABOUT YOU?  It is never too late to allow God to take over the reigns of your life.


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