Tuesday, February 5, 2013

CHOCOLATE COVERED BALONEY (Confessions of April Grace)

 I am a member of NetGalley and I had requested to read the book "Chocolate Covered Baloney" by KD McCrite.

This is a great way to read free books by new authors.  You can download them to your computer or even better, your own Kindle.

So last night, I started reading and I got so tickled that I decided that I needed to share.  My hope is that it will encourage others to read the book.  This book is geared toward the 8 to 10 year olds.  As an adult I found the book to be so open and not a book to be read, when all others are asleep.

Excerpt from the book:

As soon as I was all brushed and washed, I went into my bedroom and picked up my Bible.  I opened it right up to the Lord's Prayer, read that, and then I read the Twenty-Third Psalm, then I read the Lord's Prayer again.  And then I reread the part in the psalm about the valley of the shadow of death and how God walks with us everywhere, and I figured, scared as I was, God would be with me in that white Corolla while Grandma was at the wheel.  I was still scared, but I felt better.  Then I went downstairs, got two dollars from Mama's purse, and went downstairs to where Grandma had just pulled up into the driveway.
I got in her car and kept thinking the Lord's Prayer and the Twenty-Third Psalm.
You know what Grandma said to me as she backed out of our driveway and onto the road?  Well, I'll tell you.  She said, "I sure do hope the deer stay in the woods tonight and stay off the highway. I can't see a blessed thing after dark."
"Lead us not into temptation through the valley of the shadow of death!" I hollered, without even realizing I said it.
"Mercy me child," Grandma said mildly, driving along Rough Creek Road like she didn't mind the rocks, the ruts, the holes, and the dark. "You have done got your Bible verses whopper jawed".

When I read this, it reminded me of the may times that my mother-in-law would take my Lexie to McDonald's in the mornings for breakfast.  She would tell me that she would hold on tight, because Grandma drove fast and would take the turns really fast.

April Grace is a young girl that has an older sister, Myra Sue, and she is full of secrets.  April is one that does not mince words.  She just blurts her feelings out, without thinking. I have laughed so hard at times during the book, that tears rolled down my face.  I would encourage anyone to read this book.  It is written during the time that families took time for each other and their neighbors.  If I was going to rate the book, I would give it a 5 star rating.  I love a book that can make you laugh and be clean.

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