Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bra Shopping

Yesterday, I was talking with our daughter, Bridgett.  Some how or other, we got on the subject of bras and how we hated shopping for them.

Bridgett asked me, how come I always had my Mother take her and Mandy bra shopping.  I had completely forgotten about it.  Yet, as I got to thinking about it, I began to realize the reasoning behind my madness.

My Mother was the "Queen of bra shopping".  I come from a family of rather big busted women.  So it was always important to my Mother that she bought us good bras.  I remember going into J.C. Penny's with her and looking at the bras and finding ones that I would like.  Now do you think that I got to try them on?  Of course not!  The ones that I wanted were pretty and the ones my Mother bought were practical!

Now this was just for the starter bras that we went shopping for here.  When we girls got past the starter ones, then the bra lady came to us.  Now that you have gotten up off the floor and have composed yourselves, I will go on.  What?  You have never heard of a bra lady?  Well, they have their own measuring tape and a suitcase full of bras.  And if she did not have one that would fit you, she was sure there would be one in her car that would. By the end of the session, you would have your own tailored bra.

Before, I go on, I will tell you, we called her the "Figurette Bra Lady".  These lovely bras had no padding and of course no push-up.  Bras were only to help support you not for others to see. You would begin with being measured around, not once, but twice.  After she had your size, then you would bend at the waist, take the bra and hook it around.  The wonderful thing about these lovely bras, was that they had a hook at the top.  While you were bent over, you would pull your breast through and then pull the lace up over each breast and slide the hook in.  Doesn't this sound wonderful? And the name of these wonderful bras were called "Figurette".

Looking back at my experience, I am so glad that my Mother was the "Queen". Thank you so much, Mother, for caring enough about your girls and granddaughters to ensure they had good bras.

So now, to get back to Bridgett and her trips with my Mother.  She was telling me that her Mamaw would tell the girls to go the dressing room and then she would go and pick out the bras that would be good for them.  I had to laugh, when Bridgett told me that she never got a colored or padded pad, until she got older.  And now that she can choose the style she wants, she is too large to wear the push-ups or really cute ones.  But she can say that she will never have saggy breasts.

Her last question to me was, "Why did I not take them to get their bras?"  Because, I knew that with my Mother, the  girls would not argue, fuss or complain.  And I knew that my Mother was the "Queen" and did her job of bra shopping without a fault.  Yes, they may have come home with only plain white bras, but I got the satisfaction of knowing that my girls would grow up to have beautiful breast as they grew into adulthood.

Now, I can tell you for sure, that my "Mandy" is stepping right into her Mamaw's footsteps.  She has got all the right techniques down.

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