Monday, February 6, 2012

A Day Spent WIth My Alexis

Today started out early for me.  I am not a early morning person.  My hours of production are in the evening time.  So when I heard the shower this morning at 5:30, I thought, ugh!

Now I wasn't about to get up at that time.  So I laid back down and listen to David Jeremiah on the radio and I am sure fell back into a light sleep.  At the ripe time of 7:30, I finally, got up and got ready for the day.

I can just hear you ladies out there.  I know so many of you get up very early and my hat is off to you.  But my time is at night, not the morning.

I had to have my Alexis at the Base by 9:30 to see the doctor.  It seems that she has a plantar wart on the bottom of her foot and she has been trying to dig it out herself.  So off to the the Base we went.  After, the doctor used the liquid freeze stuff (I have completely forgotten what it is called), we had to wait around for another hour and a half,  only be told that the lady we needed to talk to, was in a meeting.

I decided to leave my number and when she got through with her meeting, she could just call.  As of this evening, I am still waiting.  Hopefully, by tomorrow, I will have heard something.  It seems that the wart will have to be taken out by the doctor.  Now, by surgery or just in the office, I am not sure.

Alexis did get a pair of crutches to use, out of the visit.

Then, it was on to lunch with Payton at the BX and then  home, so I could get to painting.  Of all the colors, Alexis would choose for her kitchen, she choose RED!  I have already put three coats on and I am thinking that I will have to put on at least 2 more coats.  I will try to remember to take pictures tomorrow and post them on for you to see.

This is the back door coming into the kitchen.  We painted all the kitchen in this red.  I ended up using 4-5 coats.
Our Alexis is growing up and is becoming a young lady.  She is actually good at keeping her home with Payton clean and is even good at cooking.  I must have done somethings right.

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