Sunday, April 8, 2012


I am so thankful that Jesus loved me so much that He would die on the cross for me.  When I read the Old Testament and read of all the requirements that the children of Israel had to go through to be in right standing with God, I realize just how awesome Calvary was.  No longer do we have to perform all the blood sacrifices to have our sins removed.  Now we can go directly to the Lord and tell Him anything and everything.

I was so fortunate that I had great parents.  Both my Daddy and Mother were people that I knew loved me no matter what.  I was a Daddy's girl and I knew that there was nothing that I could do that would cause him to turn his back on me.  As I have grown into an adult, I know that because I had a Daddy like mine, it was easy to turn to my Heavenly Father.  I knew  there were rules that were to be followed and I also knew that there would be consequences to not following the rules.  Just like there are consequences to not following the Word of God.  I am so glad that that Jesus loves me with all my short comings and He will never turn me away.

Last night, I was thinking about Easter when I was young and how we would always get a new outfit, Easter basket, full of goodies and then after church we would come home and we would have a family dinner.  My Grandmother would always make her famous peach or cherry cobbler.  My mother would also make her famous deviled eggs.  What a fun time it would be.  My Daddy would hide the eggs again that we had gotten and candy eggs that my Mother would have bought.

My Mother and Daddy

My Daddy, my self and my little sister, Tammy

My self with a new dress that had a full cancan( for those that don't know, this a slip that has a lot of layers that helps the dress be full), my gloves(all Southern girls needed) and of course our pocketbook(purse).

My wonderful, lovely Mother

This was another Easter, My littlest sister, Karen, Mother and Daddy, myself and on the left side that got chopped would have been my brother, Steve and sister, Tammy.
I remember the fun time that we would have decorating the real eggs.  And the mess that would follow.  Yet, my mother would just let us have fun and worry about the clean-up later.  Growing up in my family was wonderful.  I had an older brother, and two sisters to have fun with.  So when I was thinking back on the past holidays, I knew that I had to find some pictures.

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