Monday, November 14, 2011


Have you ever been someplace and all of a sudden you lifted your nose up in the air and started to sniff? No, not to be snotty! But here you are and all of a sudden you are transferred back in time. 

Well, I am going to give you a chance to think about some smells from your childhood.

I was over browsing Angie's blog at, tonight and she had a post about 10 SMELLS FROM CHILDHOOD.  So I thought that it would be  great to share with my readers my 10 smells and hope that you in turn will share some of yours.

1.  Peanut Butter Cookies - My grandmother made the best cookies of anyone that I knew of.  I remember  watching her roll them in the palm of her hand. Then she would take a glass, dip the bottom in a bowl of flour and then she would mash the round cookie dough into a flat cookie.

2.  Notebook Paper - I remember going with my Mother to get our school supplies and then going home.  Laying all the supplies out on the floor and then organizing everything.  The smell of the paper was so clean and fresh.

3.  Crayolas - What better smell could there be then a new box of crayolas? Even at 57, I still have my own box.  

4.  Cherry Soda - My Da∂dy owned ICEE OF WEST TEXAS when we were growing up and he would make his own 
syrup.  The smell was so strong when we would go the the shop and watch my brother and sister help him.

5.  Corn Dogs -  Every year in October, the Fair would come to Lubbock, TX.  The hotdogs were always worth the wait, especially the foot long ones.

6.  "Baron" Men's Cologne - My Daddy was my hero and I love when men wear really good cologne. My Daddy could be covered in cotton from the cotton gin and he could come into the room and He would always smell so good. I remember going to breakfast with him and the waitress' would comment on how good he smelt.  Yum.

7.  Books - I remember how my Mother would allow me to go to the Library after school and I would sit for hours it seemed. I still love going to bookstores and of course the library.  I am so glad that they don't burn candles.

8.  Brownies - I think that my Mother made the very best brownies of anyone.  Even when she could not eat sweets, she would still make them for us.

9.  Jungle Gardenia - This was the perfume that my Mother would buy for me as a teenager.  I love the smell of gardenia.  we had a bush at the front of the house and when they bloomed the whole front yard would smell heavenly. 

10. Pipe - My grandfather smoked a pipe most of the time in the evenings.  The tobacco had a cherry smell and then there were other brands, but the one I remember the most was the cherry.  There is something about a pipe that smell so good.  Nothing like cigarettes.  And I hate to be around those.

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  1. Ah crayons. I forgot about that smell, but it brings me back to childhood, too. LOVED this post! Tweeted it out, too!!/7clowncircus/status/136446989205385216



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