Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The other day, I decided that I wanted to go handbag hunting.  Now for those that really know me, know that this can be a dangerous outing (aside from shoes).
I remember growing up, my Mother always told her girls that:
#1 You always buy a good handbag.  
#2 You wore good perfume.     
#3 You wore good shoes,  Reason being, we all had very narrow feet and when your feet hurt, your whole body will hurt. 
#4 You always bought good bras.

Well, my Mother has been gone from this world for almost 15 years and her girls and her granddaughters have tried to make her proud. Please, understand, my Mother was not a snob, she just wanted her girls to understand that you get what you pay for.  She would rather buy good quality and have it last a long time, then to buy less and have to replace it sooner.

So when I stepped into Dillard's the other day, I had no idea the trouble I was headed for.  I actually, had never heard of the Brahmin bags before this day.  I think that I looked at every bag that they had and finally decided on the black one. 
This is the Shelby -like my granddaughter

This one just had to come home with me
Then if this was not enough, I visited the other Dillard's and found another one that I liked just as much.  So seeing that my birthday is coming up in Dec. I decided that I would award myself not one, but two lovely handbags. Then to add to the damage that I had already done, I added a billfold to the mix. 

Now, if you are looking for a high quality handbag that will last a long time then the Brahmin will be a designer that you will want to check out.  

The Brahmin Company was first established in 1982 so it is a relatively new company, although over a hundred years before that the term "Boston Brahmin" was in use meaning someone of high class who was from a important family.  The Brahmin company name was chosen to be this because they wanted to create bags that matched up to the reputation that came with the word.  Since then Brahmin leather handbags have been known for having a high level of craftsmanship so that you can be sure of their quality.

One of the reasons that Brahmin handbags are so popular is that they are always made of very high quality leather from Italy.  As we all know, Italian leather is world renowned for being one of the best so it is not a surprise that Brahmin chose this leather for their bags.  The other feature that makes Brahmin handbags stand out is that they have an aniline finish.  What this means is that they are uniquely colored so that the natural coloring as well as texture of the leather is brought out for all to see.  While this might sound strange, it really does make a difference to the appearance of the bag and shouldn't be overlooked when you are buying one. (I printed this off the Brahmin website)

When I choose the Brahmin handbag, the saleslady told me that the bag would go with any outfit I wore.  She was right. I have carried the bag with jeans and dress wear and felt like a million both times.  I know that there are a number of bags to choose from, but having taking the chance on the Brahmin, I will definitely buy another.  I will just have to wait alittle while.

I do believe that I have alot of my Mother in me, because, both of these bags remind me of her.  I know that she would have love to have carried them herself.

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