Sunday, November 14, 2010

In Need Of A Cool Drink

This afternoon, my daughter, Mandy called to say that she was on her way back to "Half Price Books".  It seems that while she was purchasing books yesterday, she came upon a new author for us.  Unknowingly, the author of these books is a "practicing witch".  She called last night to tell me.  My first response was to burn them, throw them in the trash, or better yet, put them in a bag and set them outside.  I have always taught my girls that Satan and his imps were real.  I have also taught them to be careful in their reading, music, and movie watching.

Well, she is such a wonderful and obedient daughter.  Even though she is married with two girls, she still remembers what she was taught.

So Mandy and the girls are in the car and they have decided that they need a cool drink.  Now, I take full responsibility for this.  You see, when they are with me, we will always stop by the "SONIC".  Not only do we like their drinks, but they have HAPPY ICE.  If I don't have enough money to stop for a drink on our outings, I will normally take an ice cooler with drinks in it.  I LOVE SPOILING my grandchildren.  So now, Mandy has decided that perhaps they don't need to come visit Nana (I really think she was kidding).  We will see.

I am so blessed with four daughters, not that the others always listen.  But I can always count on Mandy to listen and think before saying she has other ideas.

My Mandy and I both have made the statement that we should stop drinking the sodas or as my grandmother would say, "belly washers".  But each time we do, we realize that they taste so good and hit the spot on a hot day, that we will continue to drink them.

My grandchildren, know that they only have to ask and yes, we will find the nearest SONIC!


  1. So what happened with the books written by the witch??? Did you burn them??? Just curious, LOL.

  2. No, she took them back and told them that she decided she would not read them. I told her daughter that she chickened out. For I thought that she was going to tell them the real reason. I personally would have just thrown them out so that no one else could have them.



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