Thursday, November 25, 2010

To Have Thanksgiving Dinner or Not?

Every Thanksgiving Day, I am always in a fix.  Do I have everyone over or do I just plan to fix for my husband and girls.

Well, this Thanksgiving I found myself with so much stress on my life that I actually told my sister, Tammy that I would not have the dinner at my house this year.  But, as my children know, I caved in and told everyone that we would have dinner at my house.

It is so hard to let others down.  So last night I started on my cooking.  First the Baby Food cake for Gabrielle.  Then on to the Pound cake(only my grandmother's will do).  So I fixed two, one for my sister and then one for Payton( Alexis' boyfriend).  Then on to the Deviled Eggs.  Now one year, we let Marie fix them and thank- goodness I had fixed some and we replace them.  Now we know when asked, we give her something else to fix.  I only know one way to fix them and that is the way my mother taught me.

I had gotten some squash at the store and decided that I would fix a casserole.  Now when it comes to this, I just wing it.  I never fix it the same way, I just add things until I think that it tastes good.  I do think that this year I would have added jalapenos if I knew that others would have enjoyed the heat.  But to say the least, I think that it was the best one so far.

I got the tea fixed, oh, I almost forgot the brownies.  This time I used small muffin tins and then I forgot to set them out.  The kids will enjoy them when they all get back from Mississippi.  So this holiday, I had none of my children at home.

We still had a great time with Tammy and her children and their families.  Normally, each Thanksgiving I bring out a book that I made in 2002.  We will bring this out each year and we all write something that we are thankful for.  Except this year, I completely forgot to get it out.  I even forgot to take pictures until my Mandy reminded me about pictures.  So I went ahead and took a few pictures of things always asked for.

This year my life has been filled with alot of ups and downs.  Without God being the Lord of my life, I am sure you would find me in a mental institute.  My Margins have been tried and have gotten very small, but then the Lord always brings me back to normal.  What do people do that don't have the Lord in their life?  How do they handle the day to day problems that come up?  It is a blessing to know that with every problem, I have got the Lord on my side.

 Here's hoping that your day was everything that it could be.


  1. You've never told me about the deviled eggs...don't tell me, she makes them dull like Tammy or worse, puts relish in them! My were spot on today if I do say so myself...deliciouso!

  2. You are so right. In this family we do not put sweet relish and paprika on our eggs. I prefer mine to be more on the mustard side. Sort of like my potato salad. I always put dill relish, mayo, and lots of mustard. If My girls are not going to eat it, then I like to add onions.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. And goodness, all that food! I have no doubt that you are a master cook (charred wallpaper aside). Jalapenos in the squash sounds heavenly to me! And I agree with you. Deviled eggs must have mustard. Onions are a nice crunch. :) And oh! What a great idea for a book of thanks!

    Thank you sharing your holiday!



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