Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Tree & Succulents

Well, I just thought that I was only going to do the lights.  I turned out, that I had to do the whole tree.  I kept telling myself, "Only the Tree, Sherree".  But as you can see from the pictures, I did not listen to myself.

Once I get started on something, I just seem to not be able to stop.  So from the tree, I went to the mantel.  Tommy came in after work and he was surprised that the mantel was done.  He commented that, "You have never decorated the mantel since we redone it."  That is true.  I really just hate to take my things down, just to replace with something that will only stay out a few weeks.  Plus, where am I suppose to put all the stuff that I have taken down?

The night before, Tommy once again mentioned that I should take some of the branches from the holly tree out front.  We planted it the year my mother passed  in memory of her.  She loved playing the piano, so now when I look at the holly on the piano top, I think of her and how much she is missed.

Had an open space that was just begging to be filled with this little stuffed dog

Perfect place for my snowmen collection from Hallmark

Perfect place for my 4ft. snowman.  I just have to remember that it is not a real person.

A birthday present from My Aunt Arvina and I did not want to put them up.

On the bar in the kitchen and no, the apples are not real.  They are wooden.

Captain Knuckles and Nola

My baby Donkey Ears, that are having babies themselves.  
From there, you would think that I would be worn out.  Remember, how I said that I hated to remove things?  Well, the place that the tree stands now is were my coffee table was with some of my succulents.  So, on to the sunroom.  Not only did I have to move them, I had to get the sunroom clean.  I made my shelves using paint cans and extra shelves I had laying around.  My Mandy, made a great place for hers with cement blocks.  But at 9:00 at night, Lowe's is closed.  So the next best thing I had, were my many cans of paint (left over from my many projects)


  1. Everything came out so pretty! I especially like the piano and the mantel! Uber jealous on the sunroom, my succulents are hanging in, but not just not feeling the love! Nola is so cute, glad to finally see a picture of her!

  2. Your Christmas decor is so festive. Loving all the unique one of a kind ornaments on your tree - like that little doggy!

  3. Those wooden apples really look real!!! Neat idea to use the paint cans for the shelves! Mine on my front porch are made of 2 x 4's with cinderblocks at the ends to make them. I love them. My Mom said they used to make them like that on the farm where she grew up! I like the paint can idea even better though!!! :)

    All your decorations are just gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing!



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