Friday, December 10, 2010

Fill in the Blank

1. I Wish  - That I lived in San Antonio, Tx, where my two oldest daughters live.

2. Yesterday I - Finished putting the lights and the decorations on the tree, dressed up the mantel and the piano for Christmas.  Also, I re-arranged all my succulents on new shelves in the sunroom,

3.  Today I will - Get the house clean and get the laundry done.

4.  Tomorrow I will - Get my hair washed, go out to lunch with my hubby and then at 4:00 I will leave for church. ( We have 1 service on Saturday nights and then 3 on Sunday)

I think that this a real person, but it is a snowman.
5.  May - I need to go by the phone store and take back a holder for my car.  I dropped my Droid Incredible and have to wait until the 22nd to get a new one.  And at that time, I am going to upgrade, so the holder I got will not work.

6.  Someday - All my children will have grown up and I will be able to keep my house clean and have time to sit back and read.

7.  I love - Jesus, my family, a clean and orderly house, to be with my Mandy at the bookstore (actually anywhere would be fine),Diet Dr. Pepper, and of course, BOOKS!

This post is part of, little things we do, that Lauren puts out every Friday.  Anyone is welcome to join in.


  1. Your sunroom is gorgeous...filled with all your succulents! Just beautiful!!! I could sit there reading a book forever!!! I hope one day you will live in San Antonio...I think you will. Tell God your wish, and work toward it happening, and it will. I believe that!

  2. Thanks, Julie. My husband turned our two car drive through into a sunroom. It is a great place to sit and read.



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