Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's

With less than 6 hours left in the year, I realize that although I may not have accomplished everything that I wanted this year, I did make a dent.  This year has been a roller coaster of ups and downs.

Our youngest daughters have moved out to live with their birth mom (our 2nd daughter) and then moved back.  Sometimes, teens have no idea how good they have it.  Bridgett (our 2nd daughter) moved to San Antonio to be with Anthony and it looks like they will be getting married this new year.  What their life has in store for them will be exciting, as they start on a new journey together.

Our oldest daughter, Mandy has had a lot of hard roads to travel, but she is coming out the winner.  She is strong and her faith in God is strong.  She has a wonderful husband, that we are proud to call our own.  Two vivacious girls that keep them busy and young.

Our two youngest, Alexis and Gabrielle, have had to make a lot of choices.  I am sure that they have learnt that some of their choices have not been for the best.  But we are very proud to call them our own, even though they always may not want to call us their own.  Both could be doing better in school, but I have faith in both of them that they will pull ahead.

Payton is still with us (a ex-boyfriend of our 17 year old)  He is now renting the little apartment that my mother-in-law lived in.  He will be finishing high school this May and then going into the service.  He has become like a family member and we will miss him when he leaves.  Oh, well, no sense thinking about it.  His mother raised a great son.

The mother-in-law has moved into the main house.  Enough said about that!

Hubby, Tommy is still on his exercise routine and low- carb diet.  Looks good for almost 59.  He has decided that he enjoys collecting steam engines, along with his farm equipment.  All these are models.  But he does have his share of equipment for the place we live on.

For myself, I have tried to keep the house in order and keep my sanity. Sanity, what is that, exactly?
Above all, I hope that I have learnt some of the lessons that the Lord had for me.  I know that He will continue teaching me new things in the coming year.  Will I be able to handle them all or will they hurt as much as some of the lessons for 2010 were.  I sure hope not.

I am so thankful for the presence of the Lord in my life.  Without Him, each day would be a struggle.  Looking back, I realize that like the poem, "Footprints in the Sand", He has had to carry me so much of the time.  I am looking forward to the new year and what the Lord has for me.  Have you been satisfied with your past 12 months?  If not, just plunge ahead, tomorrow is a new day and a new year.


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  1. I laughed when I read "the mother-in-law"...too funny! I know she's driving you nuts, so it's really not funny, but your wording cracked me up. 2010 was definitely trying, believing that 2011 will be a huge improvement! I love you!!



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