Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas with Anthony, Bridgett, Gabrielle & Byron

Normally, we have Christmas one day and one only.  But this year, we will have it three times.

When Anthony and Bridgett moved back here from San Antonio, Anthony left his son, Tanner.  Tanner lives with his mother.  So due to this, plus the fact that his mother and brother live there also, he and Gabrielle will be leaving on Christmas morning to travel to San Antonio, TX.
Bridgett, Anthony, Gabrielle & Byron

Bridgett will be staying here.  Her son, Byron will be here for the holidays and she will be spending time with him.

So today, they all came over for present opening.  I think that Byron was the most excited.  He was the one that got the video chair and he was anxious to get back home, so that Anthony and he could get the ball rolling on setting his chair up.

I did not have to prepare any food, only gifts to be given out.

I did get a popcorn popper from them that I have been wanting to buy for myself.  I also, got a necklace from my Gabrielle.  She calls me "Panda" instead of Grandmother or Nana.  I wanted to post some of the pictures of today, so I hope that you get a glimpse of the beautiful family I have.  But come back, because on Thursday evening, we will have another Christmas gifts being given out.

Gabrielle's Hello Kitty house shoes

Gabrielle's pair of "Miss Me" jeans.  She has been waiting along time for a pair of these.

Anthony and Byron

The chair that Byron wanted and was ready to leave for home to try out.

My popcorn popper.  It looks right at home on my counter.

My Panda necklace.  Isn't she lovely.
My Gabrielle.


  1. Hi!
    I found your blog on an all Texas blog roll. I think its called Texas-blogging-gals. Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hi to a fellow Texan. GREAT blog!

  2. Beautiful family and blog! Thank you for following me at If Only Life Could Be That Simple I'm now following you back :)

  3. hey there!
    tnx for the follow...following you back!



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