Saturday, December 3, 2011


Yes, a gun for me.  My Tommy, decided that I needed one.  He did ask me early in the week if I thought that I would use one.  Of course,  I would if someone was trying to break into my house or hurt my children.

But the more that he listens and reads about the world and what it looks like things are going to come to, he feels that it would be the right thing for me to have one.  So this week, he bought me my very first gun ever.  It is a 9mm and it is very light to hold, feels good in my hand and it is rather easy to use.

Today, after we had come back from our lunch out, he decided that it was time for me to practice.  With the targets posted by the pond, the ducks had already decided that it would be in their favor to move to the far end of the pond, my lessons began.

With my gun in my hand, I began to target shoot.  Hey, this is kind of fun.  I began to feel like one of the agents on NCIS.  How cool it would be to pull out my gun and hope that I didn't shoot my foot.  Well, I did not shoot any animal, tree or better yet, my hubby.

When it was all over, I had shot 10 rounds and 2 went into the pond and the other 8 found the target.  Now, I really wish that I could have hit the bull's eye, but that was wishful thinking.  If I had, my Tommy would have not believed it, even though he would have been standing right there.  He had no worry though, seeing that this was my first time.

So now,  do I feel up to protecting myself if someone were to break in?  NO!  I am not afraid of the gun, but I do have a great respect for it.  It is not a toy to be played with and should only be used for emergencies.   When it is not being used for target practice, trust me, it will be in it's locked safe and will be completely out of reach of any other hands.  For I will only know the combination.

Did I ever think that I would own a gun?  No, but with the world heading the way it is, I believe that everyone should be able to protect themselves.  We live close to a men's prison and there have been times that one of them have escaped and you never know.  That is why I always keep my doors locked.  Am I afraid, NO.  I just never had thought about it.  Do I feel safe in my own home?  Absolutely.  My trust has and will always be in the Lord.  Each day, I place my life and those of my family and friends in His hands and I let the Lord take care of us.
He is my protector.

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  1. I have a glock & a carrying permit.. I feel safer having it with me esp now days because it seems that crime only keeps getting worse & worse esp with the economy which only seems to get worse instead of better....I hate that people seem to think its ok to kill or rob people or break into homes that is not theirs.... I am sure your husband feels safer about leaving you alone with the fact of knowing that you now have something to protect yourself with if need be.



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