Sunday, December 18, 2011


Is it possible to go back in your past to find peace and love for today?

This is just what Jonathan Rush is hoping to do.  With the encouragement from his pastor, he has found himself in the coldness of Alaska.  For this is where his life began and at the age of four he felt like it had ended.

Now as an adult and a CEO of his own computer company, Jonathan finds himself with three ended marriages and one attempt at suicide and his life is still empty. 

Arriving in Alaska, he finds himself at dead ends.  Not one that ever trusted the press, he finds himself teaming up with one.  Will they be able to find information about his past and find his mother?  He doesn't even know her name.  Why would she have left him at the age of four?  Was it something that he did?  When he finds her, will he be able to forgive and finally move on with his life?  Or will the knowledge only cause him to harden more?  He knows in his heart that he needs to forgive and forge a relationship with the person that left him all alone, his own Mother.  Will he have the strength to do the right thing?

This book was one that I wondered if I would be able to get into.  Wow, from the first page, I was hooked.  I didn't put the book down until I had finished the last page.  I can't remember the last time that I have done this.  It touched places in my own heart and caused me to look keep inside myself and my relationships.  The author, Stephen Arterburn, takes the reader on an adventure.  I loved the easy flow of the book and the way the characters came alive.  Stephen Arterburn, did an outstanding job.  You will look at the relationships in your own life different after reading this.

I was given the book to review by Booksneeze.  I was not required to give a positive review, but after reading, I have no choice but to give it a 5 star rating  I am already thinking how some of my friends would enjoy this book.

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