Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

What is a Father?

I never have called my Daddy, Father.  But I have always called him, Daddy.  I have set back and listened to the way that my friends have talked about their Dad's, and I feel so blessed to have the Daddy that I had.  

He was one that took no back talk from his children.  Even a look that he didn't like was called on.  It was always "yes, sir" or "no, sir".  He only had to ask you once,  I think that we kids were afraid of what would happen if he had to ask again.  It wasn't that we were scared of him, it was the belt that we didn't want to have come off his waist.

My Daddy may have been stricter than most of my friends Dad was, but I knew that no matter what happened, he would always be there for me.  Even when I was in the wrong, he would still stand by me.

I remember a time in high school, when a former friend and her boyfriend took marker and wrote all over my car. Now these were words that were not spoken in our home.  He got up on Saturday morning to find filthy words all over the car and he got my keys and drove it to the Cadillac dealer and had them clean it up.  I never even got to see the car.  I know that he had to be embarrassed, but it was important that I not see it nor drive it.

One of the most important times in my life was getting married and as we are standing at the door to go in, the last thing he said was, "Punkin, are you sure?  Because we can turn around and go out the door".  I know he wasn't trying to get me to change my mind, he just wanted me to be sure.  My Daddy, always said, that he never worried about me being taken care of.  He trusted my Tommy and knew that I would always have what was needed.  And he was right.

I believe that a Daddy is someone that their children should be able to look up to.  To trust them and be able to follow them.  I had that type of Daddy.

My Daddy has been gone for almost 11 years now.  There is not a "Father's Day" that he is not missed.  Like the country song, "If Heaven Weren't So Far Away", I would go and sit down beside him and just enjoy.  But I know that one day, I will walk those streets of gold with him and praise the Lord along side him and my Mother for eternity.  

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