Monday, June 27, 2011

What happens When You Get Bored

Last night when all was quiet,  Tommy had already gone upstairs to bed and the granddaughters and I set down to watch a good movie.  Or so I thought!

I normally will read and watch a movie at the same time.  So there I was with my book and relaxing.  When all of a sudden, Caitlin decides to open the bottom drawer under the stove.  She pulls out a tube of Saran Wrap and I am thinking, "What is she going to do?"

I had been scratching my legs earlier in the evening, due to trying some of the lotion for gradual tanning.  I am one that does not tan, so I had decided to try some new lotion.  Everything else that I have tried has broken me out in hives.  Well, the bronzing by L'Oreal has the same effect on me.  So, Caitlin had this brainy idea of wrapping my legs in plastic wrap.  After wrapping one leg, I was ready to get it off.  How people go and get the wraps for losing weight, I will never understand.  I felt like I was in a closed box.

As if this was not enough, Caitlin was going to put some lotion on my legs in hopes to get me to stop scratching.  If I would have put it on myself, I know from past experiences that I would have been clawing the lotion into my legs.  As Caitlin is doing the lotion, I get a cramp at the bend of my leg and I thought I was going to go through the roof.  Caitlin and Shelby got so tickled, that I decided that was it.   No more.

Next thing I know the girls have moved onto the kitchen, where they are starting to wrap each other.  Now, you grandmother's out there know that this is only something that happen at your house.  I cannot imagine allowing my girls to do this when they were small.  Now, I do remember putting curlers in Mandy's hair when she was small and having to wrap a scarf around it.  This was only to make sure she kept the rollers in her hair and not on the floor.  Oh, and I did tie the girls hands (Mandy and Bridgett) because they were using their hands to hit each other.  I am so glad that there was no one to report then.

Caitlin is standing in the middle of the kitchen and she is being wrapped in Saran Wrap.  Years ago, I had read a book about meeting your husband at the front door.  You got it, wrapped only in Saran Wrap!  And no, that was never anything that I would have done.  Perhaps, my little sister , but for so sure, not me!  So, I am thinking what are they doing?  Not only did Caitlin get wrapped, but then it was Shelby's turn.  I love having the girls for the summer.  Somethings are only allowed at Grandparent's home.

Good thing that don't use much Saran wrap.  Must have been left over from a party, I prefer Reynolds wrap so much more.  I am so glad to be a GRANDMOTHER, aka NANA.

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