Monday, June 27, 2011

Meet Me on Monday


1.  What is your favorite food?
2.  What color scheme is your bedroom?
3.  Do you carry a donor card?
4.  In your opinion, is the glass half empty or half full?
5.  Vanilla or Chocolate?

1.  My most favorite food would have to be Mexican.  Especially, hot sauce.  But then I would need to add the soft flour tortillas, tacos, enchilada's, lettuce, cheese and not to mention chips.  Every time I get the chance to so to San Antonio, TX, I make a point to go to the "Alamo Cafe".  I am sure that there may be other great places to eat while there, but for me, the "Alamo Cafe" is the tops.

2.  The color scheme in our bedroom is an odd color.  I did paint it myself, but it is time to change.  I would have to say that it is between a bronze and olive green.  Any suggestions are welcome.

3.  On my driver's license I have it marked to be a donor.  My thought on this, is if anyone could benefit from some of my organs, than so be it.  What will I need them for anyway?  I plan on having a new body when I enter those Pearly Gates!

4.  I would love to say that my glass is always half full, but reality is that alot of times it is found only half empty.  I think that this is because, I try to do everything  and find myself dragging.  And for that, I fear that I have left my younger girls handicapped.  I have always done for them and I just pray that the Lord will bless them with a mate that will have patience.  I know that they are able to do for themselves, but it has always been easier to let me do it.  Does this have anything to do with the question?!?!?!?

5.  Vanilla would always be my choice for homemade, but when it comes to store bought (only Blue Bell), then the flavor will always come up Chocolate.  Yummy!


  1. Mexican is our fav here too!
    You like basic ice cream fav is pistachio! I think any color for your bedroom should be what is nice to your eye! The color it is now is actually a very popular color!!! My neighbor painted their livingroom, and diningroom this color and it is so pretty!!!

  2. I am thinking of a nice surprise to send you....what will it be????? :)

  3. Hello there.. Found ya via Tuesday blog hop. following ya happily :)) I'm Marilyn from - hope you can stop by sometime.. TY



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