Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Favorite Place To Be

Today, I found myself sitting at my Shelby's graduation ceremony from Elementary school.  This was the last day that she would be a 5th grader.  So along with her mother, my Mandy and her Bob, we enjoyed watching all the 5th grade students walk across the front to receive a special button.  Of course my Mandy was in tears.  Even before it started, the water-works began. 

After the ceremony and many pictures with friends and teachers, we headed home with Shelby's friend, Olivia.  They enjoyed a day of swimming and going to McDonald's for lunch.  Afterward's we stopped by the Dollar Tree to pick up some colorbooks.  It seemed that Mandy had gotten rid of all Shelby's.  I sat in a chair at the window and enjoyed the girls as they alternated between swimming and coloring.  I don't stay outside in the heat, due to my fair skin.

Since my mother-in-law is in the nursing home, I am staying in Texas until the 13th  and then the girls and I will head for Alabama.  But not before my Mandy and I go succulent shopping.  Last summer when I came down, I would stop at Lowe's and Home-Depot for my restroom breaks.  That way, I was able to check out the succulents.  This time I just came straight through and only stopped at the rest stops and for gas only.

Now I have found out that I am going to have the priviledge of meeting my Caitlin's first boyfriend.  She is so precious and sweet.  I remember when my Mandy starting dating and they would come in from work or going out, only to sit down, each one sitting on different ends of the couch and begin reading.  I wonder how tomorrow will be.  I told Caitlin that they could sit outside onder the tree.  To which she replied, "Nana, this is not a romantic date".  I laughed, because, I was thinking of trying to keep them in the shade and not in the sun.  Life is so sweet.

Thanks for letting me share.  It has been far to long, since I have blogged.  My desire is to get back on the ball and share more daily.  I have missed my blogging friends and getting to read of your thoughts and crafts.  May the Lord bless each and everyone of you.

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