Friday, June 3, 2011

Five Minute Friday

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I just got off the phone with my Lexie.  For I am in Texas and I left everyone back in Alabama.  This stay will actually be the longest I have stayed away from home since my Mother passed away in 2000.

I asked my Lexie where she was and she asked me if I remembered the tire store that is close to the house.  Now this is not a big store, more like a old gas station that has been turned into a tire place.  I honestly think that it is more of a hang out place.  So this is where my daughter likes to go and hang out with her friends?  For the past couple of months, she has taken to talking to me more.  She even takes the time to call and share her day with me and ask my advice on her guy friends.

Now as a mother, we know that our children don't always share with us.  She really makes my day when she does this.  It makes me long for home more than ever.  But I won't be returning home until the 13th, due to my little Shelby going to a tennis camp.  At that time, my two grand-daughters will return with me and then their parents will come for them the week of  the 18th of July.

I am so blessed to have four lovely daughters and two granddaughters. 

Tomorrow, my Mandy and I will attend a succullent seminar.  Then I am sure that we will bring plants home to enjoy.

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  1. Nice writing in 5 mins. Nice that your daughter chats about her friends with you. Wish I had that kind of relationship with my Mom but different culture, different time... etc.

    Enjoy your seminar.



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