Monday, June 27, 2011

Meet Me on Monday


1.  What is your favorite food?
2.  What color scheme is your bedroom?
3.  Do you carry a donor card?
4.  In your opinion, is the glass half empty or half full?
5.  Vanilla or Chocolate?

1.  My most favorite food would have to be Mexican.  Especially, hot sauce.  But then I would need to add the soft flour tortillas, tacos, enchilada's, lettuce, cheese and not to mention chips.  Every time I get the chance to so to San Antonio, TX, I make a point to go to the "Alamo Cafe".  I am sure that there may be other great places to eat while there, but for me, the "Alamo Cafe" is the tops.

2.  The color scheme in our bedroom is an odd color.  I did paint it myself, but it is time to change.  I would have to say that it is between a bronze and olive green.  Any suggestions are welcome.

3.  On my driver's license I have it marked to be a donor.  My thought on this, is if anyone could benefit from some of my organs, than so be it.  What will I need them for anyway?  I plan on having a new body when I enter those Pearly Gates!

4.  I would love to say that my glass is always half full, but reality is that alot of times it is found only half empty.  I think that this is because, I try to do everything  and find myself dragging.  And for that, I fear that I have left my younger girls handicapped.  I have always done for them and I just pray that the Lord will bless them with a mate that will have patience.  I know that they are able to do for themselves, but it has always been easier to let me do it.  Does this have anything to do with the question?!?!?!?

5.  Vanilla would always be my choice for homemade, but when it comes to store bought (only Blue Bell), then the flavor will always come up Chocolate.  Yummy!


A great big thanks to Deirdra from  
Today, she awarded me the "Creative Blogger" award today.  It is great to hae others notice your work and comment on it.  Again, thank you so much.

What happens When You Get Bored

Last night when all was quiet,  Tommy had already gone upstairs to bed and the granddaughters and I set down to watch a good movie.  Or so I thought!

I normally will read and watch a movie at the same time.  So there I was with my book and relaxing.  When all of a sudden, Caitlin decides to open the bottom drawer under the stove.  She pulls out a tube of Saran Wrap and I am thinking, "What is she going to do?"

I had been scratching my legs earlier in the evening, due to trying some of the lotion for gradual tanning.  I am one that does not tan, so I had decided to try some new lotion.  Everything else that I have tried has broken me out in hives.  Well, the bronzing by L'Oreal has the same effect on me.  So, Caitlin had this brainy idea of wrapping my legs in plastic wrap.  After wrapping one leg, I was ready to get it off.  How people go and get the wraps for losing weight, I will never understand.  I felt like I was in a closed box.

As if this was not enough, Caitlin was going to put some lotion on my legs in hopes to get me to stop scratching.  If I would have put it on myself, I know from past experiences that I would have been clawing the lotion into my legs.  As Caitlin is doing the lotion, I get a cramp at the bend of my leg and I thought I was going to go through the roof.  Caitlin and Shelby got so tickled, that I decided that was it.   No more.

Next thing I know the girls have moved onto the kitchen, where they are starting to wrap each other.  Now, you grandmother's out there know that this is only something that happen at your house.  I cannot imagine allowing my girls to do this when they were small.  Now, I do remember putting curlers in Mandy's hair when she was small and having to wrap a scarf around it.  This was only to make sure she kept the rollers in her hair and not on the floor.  Oh, and I did tie the girls hands (Mandy and Bridgett) because they were using their hands to hit each other.  I am so glad that there was no one to report then.

Caitlin is standing in the middle of the kitchen and she is being wrapped in Saran Wrap.  Years ago, I had read a book about meeting your husband at the front door.  You got it, wrapped only in Saran Wrap!  And no, that was never anything that I would have done.  Perhaps, my little sister , but for so sure, not me!  So, I am thinking what are they doing?  Not only did Caitlin get wrapped, but then it was Shelby's turn.  I love having the girls for the summer.  Somethings are only allowed at Grandparent's home.

Good thing that don't use much Saran wrap.  Must have been left over from a party, I prefer Reynolds wrap so much more.  I am so glad to be a GRANDMOTHER, aka NANA.

10 Good Things On A Monday: A Few of My Favorite Succulents

Today over at 10 Good Things On A Monday, we are to list 10 of something that makes us happy.  So today, I choose to show just a few of my many succulents.  After a while, it is hard to say just what is my most favorite.  I know that my Mandy, would be able to tell you her most favorite one.  And I do suppose that if I had the Pineapple plant, it would rake right at the top.  Hope you enjoy the ones that I have chosen to post today.

I found this little gem on my way back from San Antonio at a Lowe's.  My Mandy had one and I just fell in love with her.  She is called a Coral Cactus.

This is my Moses-in-the-cradle.  I love the blend of colors.

These little gems would have to stand at the top of my list. The little toes and baby butts( this is really not their name, but my Mandy and I decided that the lithrops looked like little baby butts) are the ones that gave the inspiration for my blog.

My Mandy gave this little gem.  She is a Hoya  Kerii "Heart Leaf".  I had posted that I thought she was a "Heart Jade", but My Mandy quickly let me know that I had misnamed her.  She was very kind in letting me know.  That's what daughter's do.  I do think that I have some other plants growing along side her.  So when my Mandy comes to get her girls along with her Bob, I am sure that she will make sure that I know the names of my plants.  And I am not complaining.

I am not sure what these are called, but it reminds me of lizard tongues.  I noticed that after a year, I am finally seeing some babies at the base.

Once again, my mind is blank on the name of these.  They look like they could be wicked with the spikes, but actually, the spikes are soft.

This one is so soft and grows so full.  Again, if my Mandy was blogging with me, she would have the names for each of my plants.

I planted a very small plant of Rosemary last summer in a concrete block and it was the only herb that lasted.  I left it alone and it thrived even through the winter months.  I just love the smell.

This is my coveted Pitcher Plant.  I have two of them and the fist one, I found it at the Commissary on base.  Then my Mandy got me another one.  One of them has no pitchers on it yet and I hope that soon it will be full of them.  Last year, I went to put water in the pitchers and was I ever surprised.  Out popped a lizard and so I just left that one alone.  You never know what you might find.

This is my Hindu Rope plant.  Again, I found my first one at the Commissary and fell in love with him.  I love that it has a small bouquet of flowers that is so delicate and soft.

This is one of my favorite ones due to its smell.  If you rub the leaves, it leaves a scent, that smell of Vick's.

Bought this one in San Antonio when my Mandy and I was out shopping for plants.  This is a Cuban Oregano.  I never realized that the smell was so strong, until we were coming home and I had to stop quickly to avoid a crater in the road.  And then all of a sudden, this lovely smell filled my car.  Now my Shelby was setting in the back with all the plants and for some reason, she did not appreciate the smell.

This is one of my big tubs that I decided would make a perfect place for plants.  The picture really does not do the plants justice.  

Thanks so much for strolling down the porch with me today.  When I need time for thinking, I find myself among my plants.  I am so glad that the Lord gave me my Mandy, for without her, I would not have found that I loved these little plants.  But then, what are daughters for, but to help make our lives more breath taking?????

When you get through browsing be sure to skip on over to and join in on the fun.  It is always a thrilling ride to read what other bloggers find that make their day happy.  Have a great ride.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

What is a Father?

I never have called my Daddy, Father.  But I have always called him, Daddy.  I have set back and listened to the way that my friends have talked about their Dad's, and I feel so blessed to have the Daddy that I had.  

He was one that took no back talk from his children.  Even a look that he didn't like was called on.  It was always "yes, sir" or "no, sir".  He only had to ask you once,  I think that we kids were afraid of what would happen if he had to ask again.  It wasn't that we were scared of him, it was the belt that we didn't want to have come off his waist.

My Daddy may have been stricter than most of my friends Dad was, but I knew that no matter what happened, he would always be there for me.  Even when I was in the wrong, he would still stand by me.

I remember a time in high school, when a former friend and her boyfriend took marker and wrote all over my car. Now these were words that were not spoken in our home.  He got up on Saturday morning to find filthy words all over the car and he got my keys and drove it to the Cadillac dealer and had them clean it up.  I never even got to see the car.  I know that he had to be embarrassed, but it was important that I not see it nor drive it.

One of the most important times in my life was getting married and as we are standing at the door to go in, the last thing he said was, "Punkin, are you sure?  Because we can turn around and go out the door".  I know he wasn't trying to get me to change my mind, he just wanted me to be sure.  My Daddy, always said, that he never worried about me being taken care of.  He trusted my Tommy and knew that I would always have what was needed.  And he was right.

I believe that a Daddy is someone that their children should be able to look up to.  To trust them and be able to follow them.  I had that type of Daddy.

My Daddy has been gone for almost 11 years now.  There is not a "Father's Day" that he is not missed.  Like the country song, "If Heaven Weren't So Far Away", I would go and sit down beside him and just enjoy.  But I know that one day, I will walk those streets of gold with him and praise the Lord along side him and my Mother for eternity.  

Friday, June 3, 2011

Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday: Everyday

Okay, I made a mistake today.  I normally just write for five minutes and then quit.  Only today after I had posted, I realized that it was suppose to be about everyday.  So here goes....

Everyday, I wake up to a new day.  One that has a clean slate.  Perhaps, yesterday, I made a mistake, said a word that hurt someone, forgot to spend that precious time with the Lord.  But today, is a new day.  One that I have yet to mess up.

Everyday, I am given a new chance to help someone, give a smile to a sad face, give a helping hand to one that needs it.  It is always my choice what I do with my day.

Just this morning, as I was talking with Him, I was so thankful for a new day.  In my mind's eye, it was like I could see a white board and it was up to me to write what I wanted on it.  My prayer, is that when I lay my head down on the pillow, I can look back and see that I was kind and that I walked in the way that the Lord would be proud of me, His child.

Five Minute Friday

Wanna just write? Without wondering if it’s just right?
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I just got off the phone with my Lexie.  For I am in Texas and I left everyone back in Alabama.  This stay will actually be the longest I have stayed away from home since my Mother passed away in 2000.

I asked my Lexie where she was and she asked me if I remembered the tire store that is close to the house.  Now this is not a big store, more like a old gas station that has been turned into a tire place.  I honestly think that it is more of a hang out place.  So this is where my daughter likes to go and hang out with her friends?  For the past couple of months, she has taken to talking to me more.  She even takes the time to call and share her day with me and ask my advice on her guy friends.

Now as a mother, we know that our children don't always share with us.  She really makes my day when she does this.  It makes me long for home more than ever.  But I won't be returning home until the 13th, due to my little Shelby going to a tennis camp.  At that time, my two grand-daughters will return with me and then their parents will come for them the week of  the 18th of July.

I am so blessed to have four lovely daughters and two granddaughters. 

Tomorrow, my Mandy and I will attend a succullent seminar.  Then I am sure that we will bring plants home to enjoy.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Five Question Friday

1. If you had to choose, how would you prefer to choose to spend money...on landscaping or a pool? Since I already have an in ground pool, my choice would be landscaping.  My yard is in such a need of some TLC.

2. (Scott likes to get things stirred up...) Death penalty, yay or nay?  My thought is, why are the murderers allowed to continue living?  They took that right from their victims.   But, I will have to say, I don't agree with taking a life, no matter what.
3. What's the worst thing your kid has gotten into when you turned your back/blogged/showered/blinked?  My lovely, Gaby, took the electric griddle upstairs and cooked bacon in her room.  I only found out when I went to look for it.  Not to mention that she should have known better.  She is 15 years old.

4. How often do you REALLY go to the dentist?  I normally go once a year, but I have a bridge that is just hanging on and I am so afraid if I go for a cleaning, that they will pop it off and then I will be having to put a load of money out for a new one.  I know that this is crazy, but I try to take extra care of my teeth, so that I can get by with not going.

5. What is your favorite animal (doesn't have to be a pet-type animal)?  I would have to say a dog.  I like cats, but they shed so badly.  My favorite is a small dog that can climb up on the chair and sit by me.  I love my westie, Capt. Knuckles.

My Favorite Place To Be

Today, I found myself sitting at my Shelby's graduation ceremony from Elementary school.  This was the last day that she would be a 5th grader.  So along with her mother, my Mandy and her Bob, we enjoyed watching all the 5th grade students walk across the front to receive a special button.  Of course my Mandy was in tears.  Even before it started, the water-works began. 

After the ceremony and many pictures with friends and teachers, we headed home with Shelby's friend, Olivia.  They enjoyed a day of swimming and going to McDonald's for lunch.  Afterward's we stopped by the Dollar Tree to pick up some colorbooks.  It seemed that Mandy had gotten rid of all Shelby's.  I sat in a chair at the window and enjoyed the girls as they alternated between swimming and coloring.  I don't stay outside in the heat, due to my fair skin.

Since my mother-in-law is in the nursing home, I am staying in Texas until the 13th  and then the girls and I will head for Alabama.  But not before my Mandy and I go succulent shopping.  Last summer when I came down, I would stop at Lowe's and Home-Depot for my restroom breaks.  That way, I was able to check out the succulents.  This time I just came straight through and only stopped at the rest stops and for gas only.

Now I have found out that I am going to have the priviledge of meeting my Caitlin's first boyfriend.  She is so precious and sweet.  I remember when my Mandy starting dating and they would come in from work or going out, only to sit down, each one sitting on different ends of the couch and begin reading.  I wonder how tomorrow will be.  I told Caitlin that they could sit outside onder the tree.  To which she replied, "Nana, this is not a romantic date".  I laughed, because, I was thinking of trying to keep them in the shade and not in the sun.  Life is so sweet.

Thanks for letting me share.  It has been far to long, since I have blogged.  My desire is to get back on the ball and share more daily.  I have missed my blogging friends and getting to read of your thoughts and crafts.  May the Lord bless each and everyone of you.


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