Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Returning to My Blog

 It seems like it has been ages since I last blogged.  I think that the last time was the day before my 37th anniversary, April 12th.  In fact that day, I was at Pri-med with my mother-in-law.  Since then, we have placed her in a nursing home.  This past Monday marked a week that she has been there. 

 She is doing as good as one could expect.  The week before we decided to place her, it had gotten to the point that she was not able to put any pressure on her legs.  I was fortunate to have two office chairs that had wheels on them and was able to push her around.  On Saturday, I took her to the ER, because we were afraid that she might have a blood clout.  Thankfully, everything came back okay.

 I visit her every day and some days are better than others.  The place is only 4 miles from the house, so it is easy to take the time and visit for about an hour or two.  I take her a soda and a bag of chips when I go and then we go out to the garden area or like today, we went to the central area where they hold church services.  They also have a nice fish aquarium and Mom always enjoys watching them.  So this will be a favorite place to take her.

So I have had so many things on my plate, that I didn't even turn my computer on for about 2 weeks.  Things are beginning to settle down and life will start to get on track.

Thank each and everyone of my followers.  I love visiting our blogs and hearing back from you.  May each of you have a blessed week and feel God's presence every step you take.


  1. Glad to have you back, and don't worry...the world is still pretty much the same and I don't think you missed much on the blogoshpere ;-) Seriously though, I admire you for your dedication and love...yes, only love can make people do what you're doing. And you know what they say about always comes back to you!

  2. I hope things continue to settle for you. I'm so glad I found you through the A to Z challenge. I look forward to visiting again.

  3. It's okay, you gotta do what you gotta do. We love you anyway. Btw, I love your blog title. I love children's toes, they're so cute!

  4. I hope things continue getting better for you and your mom and she is able to settle into her new routine.



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