Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bookplate Special

The kinder folks of Stoneham might call Pammy Fredericks a free spirit.  The less kind, a freeloading thief. Tricia has put--and put up with--her uninvited college roommate for weeks.  In return, Pammy has stolen one hundred dollars, among other things.  But the day she's kicked out, Pammy"s found dead in a trash cart, leaving loads of questions unanswered.  What was she foraging for?  Did her killer want it, too?  To piece the case together, Tricia will have to dive in headfirst...

Once again, I have typed the back cover of this book.  This is the third book in the series, "A Booktown Mystery".  The author, Lorna Barrett has written another mystery that I could not put down.  In each of her books, you will meet old friends and new ones.  I love each of the characters.  Tricia and her sister, Angelica are by far my most favorite.  They are so different from each other, but the love and respect for each other is there.  Lorna Barrett's characters are all someone that each of us have met or have in our lives.

My daughter said that she had finished the fourth book and I am looking forward to getting it.  I may have to go and get the book myself, if the wait is long.  For you see, I live 1,000 miles from her and miss her daily.

Be sure to check this author out, You won't be disappointed.  Her books are delightful, colorful, and you will find yourself walking the streets of Stoneham in your mind.


  1. Thank you for the lovely review! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it, and hope you'll enjoy Chapter & Hearse, too. And I've got a new series coming out next month under a different name: A Crafty Killing by Lorraine Bartlett #1 in the Victoria Square Mysteries.

  2. Alright already...I'll put your book in the mail tomorrow! (he, he, he!!!) I guess that means I need to go pull it off the bookcase and put it in a was great, it was great by the way!



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