Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Fobidden Drink

Ever since I was small I have never cared for the taste of coffee.  My Daddy always drank his black and strong.  My Mother never would touch the stuff.  That is, until she went through her divorce.  I lived in Alabama and did not get to visit with her often.  Perhaps twice a year if things were good with our business.

One winter, I went to see her and what do you know.  She was drinking coffee.  Now it wasn't like my Daddy's.  It came out of a small oblong tin and she didn't place it a pot to boil.  She would heat her water in the microwave and poof she had coffee.

Well, now I love to go to Starbucks and get their Vanilla Bean Latte.***correction - My Mandy just told me that what I get is not a Latte, but a Vanilla Bean Frappe'.  I stand corrected!!!!  At the time, I thought there was no coffee in the drink.  So when I was at Walmart the other day, I got to thinking.  And that thinking led me to the coffee isle.  Maxwell House International Cafe has a great little tin of Vanilla Bean Latte.  So into the basket it went.  When I got home, I realized that I had given my gallon of milk to my sister.  Did I want to try it with water or just wait.  I chose to wait until I took the girls to church and stopped at Walmart for milk.

What an awesome warm drink, but only use milk.
And to think that I always thought that coffee would be such an awful drink.  All I can say at this point is ahhhhh!  What I have been missing.  Not only do I love it, but my girls do.  So tonight, I bought not one, but two tins of the stuff.  Now I realize that this is probably not what you coffee drinkers drink, but it will do for me.  I can just imagine what my son-in-law will say.  Now don't think that I will follow in my Daddy's steps.  This is as far as I go in the coffee isle.


  1. Oh, you are so cute!!! LOL. I am a big time coffee drinker, so you made me smile! I was surprised that you needed milk with this since it was already latte. Must have tasted wonderful.

  2. I x'd out before I did the word verification...let's try this again. So, my Walmart didn't have this one, but I got a French Vanilla and Mocha something or other. I also got a cheap hand mixer so I could do the ridiculous frothy thing. All I have to say is...I better like this! Worst case, I'll put them both in your box!

  3. Julie, the can said that you could use milk. Kind of like my hot chocolate. I get the packages that you can just add water, but when Gabrielle was in cheer, the nights were so cold that I started making hot chocolate for the girls. I found that with milk it absolutely had a good,smooth taste. Of course my milk bill was high, but it was worth it for the girls. Now back to my latte, of course I knew that milk would be a better choice. And of course I was right. So right that at 9 pm on Saturday night, I got a call from my 17 year old and she wanted to let me know that she and a friend was coming to the house for latte! And could I please fix it for them. What's a mother to do, but have it ready.

    And for my Mandy, you crack me up. I did say to get the VANILA BEAN, not the French Vanilla or Mocha. I am so sorry that you were left with coffee on your tongue and had to drink, What was that again 5 dr. pepper's to finally get the taste out of your mouth. You could have just brushed your teeth.



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