Friday, January 28, 2011

A New Bed

Just to give you a little history.  My husband's mother has lived with us for the last 17 years.  For a while, she was content to live in a trailer on the place, but the last 5 years, she decided that she wanted to live in the house with us.  So, instead of moving her into the house , we built on to my craft room.  Which meant that I had to move all my crafts, material and sewing cabinet into the main house.

I had home schooled our younger girls for four years, so the master bedroom had been made into the office/classroom.  When they decided that they wanted to go back to the public system, I turned the room into my office/guest bedroom.  This is where you could find me most of the time.  All my books were lined up against the walls in their bookcases.  I finally had my dream space.

Well, now my mother-in-law is in the main house.  My office has been reduced to the foyer.  The piano was moved out and place in the living room.  I thank the Lord that He blessed me with a big house with large rooms.  For the past three months, I have found myself sleeping on the couch.

Mother-in-law will be 91 in February and has Alzheimer's.  It has gotten to the point that she needs to know where I am.  She really doesn't remember me, except that she calls me "the nice lady that takes care of her".  So, we have found ourselves trying to come to a solution on my sleeping arrangements.  I am not comfortable with sleeping upstairs, because she will get up and then come looking for me.  Every evening, she will as, "Now, where will you be sleeping?  You aren't going anywhere are you?"  So as you can see, I don't go far day or night.  My darling husband really has a hard time dealing with her, so I take care of her. Both my parents are gone and I only know that one day, I will get old and I might need my Mandy to take care of me.  So, I feel that the way that I treat her, will be the way that I get treated one day.

Last Sunday, I went to Rooms to Go and bought a wooden daybed, good mattress and got a simple bedspread.  I am not crazy about having a bed in the livingroom, but it will certainly beat sleeping on the couch.  It has been a blessing that I have a wonderful husband that is understanding about our sleeping arrangements.  Ever once in a while, I will slip upstairs and get a few hours of sleep on our Tempur Pedic mattress.  My husband told me the other morning, that he thought that I was in the bed, but then I was gone.

Thanks for listening to me.  Since i started my blog, I have found that writing is a great stress relief.  Especially, with four teens living in the house.  Life is never boring nor dull.  You just learn to lock the bathroom door and smile.....


  1. I'll be quite nice to you when you get old and need me...I will draw a line however about making noises with candy wrappers! :) If I have to take care of Daddy, you'd better warn him that he'll be eating plenty of carbs in his last days!! That better not be for a really long time though, I haven't found a good institution to check myself into afterwards.

  2. You are so funny. I hopefully have many years to live.



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