Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Have I ever felt so dumb?  Yes, but not in this way.  Tonight, I was on my blog and my daughter had told me awhile back that I could take her off my blog.  That meant, I could remove her as one who could get on my blog and change things.  So tonight, I remembered her saying this and thought, okay.

Well, I should never try doing two things at once.  Because, instead of removing her name, I deleted myself!!!!!  I got on the help board and still did not come away feeling like I got my question, answered.  I kept at it though.  Finally!

So, I call my Mandy and leave a message on her phone.  The lovely, intelligent daughter she is, not to mention, sneaky!  She tells me yes, that she will log on to my blog and invite me as an author for my very own blog.  Have any of you done this?  Then, the very next thing she asks is, "Have you checked on your paperback swap to see if you could get the 3rd book in a series by Patti Hill."  I know that she had asked me earlier and I had told her I would check.  After logging on to Paperback Swap, I found the book and had the book sent directly to her home.

When she called back to see if I had gotten the email, I had a answer ready for her.   The book will be on it's way, as soon as the person I ordered it from lets me know.  My Mandy, told me that this could be the cost of taking care of me tonight! HA HA!  But in all truth, she would have done this for me without the book.  I love that we can tease each other.  My world would be a sad place without her in my life.  But, instead of taking her off my blog, I am thinking that it would be a wise move on my part to just leave her there.  I never know what I might do next!

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