Friday, October 21, 2011

Katie's Redemption by Patricia Davis

Will The Amish Welcome Her Home?

After two years away, Katie Lantz returns to her Amish community nine months pregnant - and unmarried. With nowhere else to tun, she nervously knocks on her family's door, fearing she'll be shunned.  Yet the handsome stranger who now owns the farm welcomes her in - just in time for Katie to give birth.
Carpenter Elam Sutter and his kindly mother care for Katie and her newborn in a loving way she never dreamed was possible. But in the face of a heartwrenching choice, Katie learns just what family, faith, and acceptance truly mean.

Elam wasn't sure he would ever be ready to trust his heart to someone again.

If that time did come, it would be only with a woman he was certain shared his love of God and his Plain faith.

"Once burned, twice shy," he confided to his tiny listener, Katie's newborn daughter, nestled in the crook of his arm.

He waited for the anger to surface, but it didn't.  For the first time in over a year he was able to think about his broken engagement without bitterness.  Maybe the sweet-smelling babe in his arms had brought with her a measure of God's peace for him.  To her, life was new and good and shouldn't be tainted with the sins of the past.

He began to sing a soft lullaby.  Baby Rachel stared back at him intently for for a few minutes, but she eventually grew discontented with his voice and the fingers she couldn't quite get into her mouth.  Her little fussing noises became a full-fledged cry.

"I guess I can't fix what ails you after all.  I reckon I'll have to wake your mother."

"I'm awake." Katie's low voice came from the bed.

He looked over to find her watching him with dark eyes as beautiful and intense as her daughter's. How long had she been listening to him?

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