Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Doctor's Blessing by Patricia Davids

A Very Special Delivery

As a nurse-midwife in Amish country, Amber Bradley helps expectant mothers have their babies safely at home.  But when Hope Spring's new doctor arrives, he insists all maternity patients deliver at a hospital.  Amber is determined to show Dr. Phillip White that the Amish have a different way of life, one he needs to respect if he expects any patients at all. But even as he becomes more a part of the community, Amber must remember his stay is just temporary. Unless she can convince Phillip he's found the home - and heart - he's always been looking for.

"When can we begin seeing patients, again?" Amber 

Phillip's gaze deepened into a fierce scowl. "You're planning on seeing maternity patients?"

Amber didn't care for his tone. "I haven't since Harold left, but now that you're here, I have one waiting now."

"I see." His glower lightened.

Amber continued to study him,  He was a hard man to read. "We haven't exactly been on vacation while we waited for you to arrive.  We've traveled a lot of miles letting people know what happened.

He raised an eyebrow. "Wouldn't a few phone calls have been easier?"

Smiling with artificial sweetness, Amber said, "It would if our patients had phones. The majority of our clients are Amish, remember?"

"I'll let you get to work, but there will be changes around here that you and I need to discuss. Come to m office when you're done."

Amber didn't like the sound of that. Not one bit.

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