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Today, as I was reading the email from AMISH HEARTS, this article spoke to my heart so much that I wanted to share the complete article with you.  I think so often, I don't stop and let the Lord work through me as much as I know that He would like.  It is my desire to do that, but why don't I?  I pray that this will touch your hearts and you real allow the Lord to work through you more each and


Amish Hearts published a new post entitled "Spiritual Exhaustion" on 10/21/2011 9:04:44 AM, written by Kelly Long.

Spiritual Exhaustion

    For the Amish as for any Christian, spiritual exhaustion is a symptom, not a root disease. It's a symptom that our source of strength for living is us, not God. For most of us, this comes about by compartmentalizing where God permeates in our lives. Example, a student might say 'I'm responsible for my own grades.' True on one level...but what about the verse that says "Commit your works unto the Lord, and He shall establish your thoughts." I'm not talking about some osmosis of knowledge but rather a setting of God at the helm of your thoughts, your actions. I tried this idea out on my high school Sunday Bible study class once, and they were resistant to say the least. All high achievers, they didn't believe that there was room for God in what they could accomplish on their own---and they're sadly right. What you can accomplish on your own is yours, true, but what you yield to God to accomplish through you is His, and that's something remarkable. So, here's where spiritual exhaustion comes in---it comes in through every crack, nook, cranny, or mental room that you put a closed sign on to the Living God. Ask  yourself what you're holding off from HIm. I promise that there's nothing too mundane, important, or immediate that He can't see you through---if you allow it. God only rarely holds our hands captive and steers us through places we don't want to go, and this happens only when we're truly yielded to him. Instead, he often lets us chart the average course, the one where, it's all our fault, our responsibility, and guess what---it is. Unless...we yield to Him all, and then, in doing what we can through Him, He receives the glory. It is NOT in the Bible that "God helps those who help themselves." That statement was made long ago, by a famous deist or possible agnostic. Rather, we should know that "God helps those who allow Him to." So, invite God into the show of your life and see what it's like to yield to the Master. You'll be amazed at how quickly the spiritual exhaustion will evaporate!
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  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for stopping by. I'm now following you back.



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