Saturday, February 19, 2011

30 Days of Truth

Something That I Hope To Do In My Life

 I know that my children are constantly growing and one day will not want to hang out with me as much.  But one of the dreams that I hold in my heart is to be able to take all my grandchildren to Disney World.  My Alexis and Gabrielle were able to go and they loved it.  I just was not the one that took them.

Going and spending a week and just chilling out together would be the ultimate.  I have never really liked rides, even as a teenager.  I think that my mind was always on the boys when we would go to the amusement parks.  Shame on me, now that I think of it.  oh, the foolishness of youth and hormones!

 Just to get to see their faces light up at all the sights, smells, colorful characters, parades, foods, and the amazing rides would be worth all the walking that it would require.  Perhaps, my Mandy and Bridgett would get to go along for the ride.  Now that would just make the trip.  I am always hearing of families winning trips, but as of yet, it has not happened to me.  So that means that I need to start saving my money and get busy before it is too late.

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