Friday, February 25, 2011

Five Question Friday

1. Can you drive a stick shift?
   Yes, I can.  My first car had a stick shift and it was on the steering column.
    I remember my Daddy taking me out to drive and I was at the intersection       
    of Avenue Q and 34th Street in Lubbock, Texas and the light turns green.    
    Dadd said, "Okay, go."  Well, I had not had to make a turn at a major    
    intersection yet, so I take a deep breath and put my hand on the gear shift.  
    I start out smooth and then my car starts chugging.  Oh, how I wished that 
    the road would open up and swallow me whole.  But My Daddy just sat 
    there and smiled.  Finally, we made it across the intersection.  His way of
    of teaching his kids, was just to sink or swim, so to speak.

   I am so glad that I never asked him to teach me to FLY!!!!

2. What are two foods you just can't eat?

    a.To this day I can not stand to eat boiled squash.  My Mother loved the
    stuff.  It was her policy that if is she had it on the table, you had to at
    least try it.  So what if you tried it the last time she fixed it, it was a new
    day.  Oh, how slimy.  Now I love squash casserole and fried
    squash, but please oh, please do not offer me boiled squash!

    b.Oysters.  On Sunday, we would go out to eat at Seven Seas in Lubbock, 
    Texas.  My Daddy would always get the oysters and once   he had me try 
    them.  You know, pretty shell, salt, why not.  WHY?  Because they also are
    yucky and slimy.  How my Daddy could enjoy those things are still a
    mystery to me today.

3. Do you buy Girl Scout Cookies? What is your favorite kind?

    My favorite type of Girl Scout Cookie was the Mint.  But with 
    my husband on this low carb way of living, cookies are the way
    of the past.  But really, if I wanted some, I suppose I would but some.  The
    last time I did though, I felt cheated.  I wished that I would have just given
    some money as a donation and went into the store and bought cookies.
    There were hardly any cookies in the box for the money.  I know that the
    cookies are good, but there are just not many for the money.   I
    would just feel better giving them money.  So that Is what I would rather
    do now.  But they do make great cookies and I do believe that  the
    Girl Scouts are a great organization for our girls.

4. How do you pamper yourself?

    PAMPER, what is that?  Now, if I were to pamper myself, I would get my 
    sister, Tammy and we would go to a all day spa.  Now this would not be
    a plain spa.  This would be one that did our hair, nails, feet, massage our 
    body.  And in all the midst of this, no phones and no kids.

    But to get down to real life, just a couple of hours in Half Priced Books,
    with my Mandy, in San Antonio, will do for now.

5. What is your nickname and how did you get it?

    As of now I have found out that my youngest daughter, Gabrielle(my little
    pita) has me as PANDA in her cell phone.  And her friends also have me 
    listed as PANDA.  So I am hoping that this is not meaning something ugly.
    But with an almost 15 year old, what can one say.  Hopefully, it doesn't
    mean that I am fat, but cuddly.

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