Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lizard in my Closet

One thing that will give me the  Hemmie Jemmie's are bugs, mice, and lizards.

The other night I went into my closet to get ready for bed and thought I would just wear some of my sweats.  Now understand, I sleep downstairs now, due to my mother-in-law needing to make sure that I am close at hand during the night.  So I have let my fancy night clothes stay where they are and reach for something that will give me warmth.  Seeing that the temperature drops downstairs at 9 pm.  This due to my darling husband.

So anyway, as I was reaching for my pink sweats, I noticed something jump onto the curtains hanging at the closet entrance.  As I looked over, a small lizard was hanging on.  Uck!  What was I going to do, the girls were not home yet and I absolutely did not want to touch it.  I didn't want to go out to the kitchen and get a jar, so I looked around and behold, the girls had left a large plastic glass in my bathroom.  So I grab the glass and find a dvd case ( I have a large tub and when I have the time, I enjoy watching a dvd).  I very gingerly place the glass over the lizard and slide the case over the top.

I take it to the living room, because I know that I need to take a picture.  I got brave and took the case off, because the lizard seemed dazed and was not trying to climb out.  After a few pictures, I place the case back on, because now he is alert and starting to climb the sides.  As I open the door, he really starts climbing to the top.  I get nervous at this point and drop the glass (thankfully it was plastic), he jumps out and then my dog, Captain Knuckles starts to bark.  I scream and I am sure that my hubby is wondering what is going on.  No, he doesn't even open the bedroom door.  What would he have done if someone was trying to take me. I guess he would have been less one wife!

Outside, where he belongs
Trust me, when I went back in to get my clothes on, (I still had on my jeans and shirt) I shook my sweats out and checked out the legs.  Trust me, if I had been sitting in my rocker reading and felt something crawling up my leg, the whole house would have have known it!


  1. You are the best story teller...I always sit on the edge of my seat till I hear your endings!!! I know what you mean about men not even wondering about you when you scream! LOL.



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