Monday, February 7, 2011

Murder with All the Trimmings

From the back of book:

For Josie, the appeal of the year-round Christmas Shop is an enigma wrapped in tinsel.  But when three such holiday houses pop up within in tinsel.  But when three such holiday houses pop up within two blocks of one another, she's assigned to rate them.. Things start turning sour when Josie puts a store owned by her boyfriend's ex on her naughty list.  And worse yet, shoppers are finding a strange - perhaps deadly secret ingredient in a rival store's holiday cake.  Now, despite the dire problems at her own hearth, Josie must get to the bottom of it all - before someone else becomes a Christmas spirit.

My Take:

Christmas is a very busy time of the year.  Josie, finds herself with a full platter.  Being the Secret Shopper for Mike's (her boyfriend) ex- girlfriend's shop, isn't a piece of cake.  Add to this, his daughter that is rude and doesn't get along with her daughter, then the father that you told your daughter was dead, has just rang your doorbell.  What is Josie to do?  This book was one that I had a hard time putting down.  As two people fall victim to a poisioned cake and one lady has snow fall on  her and ends up in a coma,  Josie has got to get busy and find the person responsible, before someone innocent takes the fall.

Elaine Viets has once again brought the reader on a journey of life, full of mystery,  noisy neighbors and friendship. Each character seems to leap from the pages.  If you enjoy having to guess who did the deadly deed, then this is a book for you.  I highly recommend this book and would give it 5 stars.  This Christmas for Josie, will be anything, but dull.

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