Friday, February 4, 2011


Now, please don't get me wrong here.  I have taught and I have always tried to stand on the side of the teachers.  But today, I have to stop and wonder if they are always in the right.

About 2:30 this afternoon, I received a call from one of my friends.  She had gone to the school to pick her daughter up early and found one of the teachers out in the hall talking about the students.

It seems that one of the students had brought a bottle of liquor to school and some  caught.  After taking a breath test, they found at least four of them with alcohol on their breath.  So these four were sent to ECAP for the next 90 days.  Two of them being cheerleaders, one a dancer and the other a young boy.  A fellow student informed on them and got them caught.  Now I don't agree with what went on, they deserved what they got.  I can just imagine what happened when they got home.  I know what would have happened at our house.

Well, it seems that this teacher was out in the hall talking about the students that had got caught with another teacher. When my friend walked by, she heard them and being her nature to take up for the students, she turned around and said, "Why are you not in the classroom taking care of the students that are in your room crying?"  Well, they both started back at each other and finally the security guard came and asked my friend to leave.  At which she did.

My daughter's teacher came back in and was fussing at the students for crying.  Now why they were crying is beyond me.  I would just be glad that I wasn't involved!  The teacher came to my daughter's desk and said, "Boo Hoo, why are you crying?"  Which to my daughter came back with, "I wish you had a friend that went to jail and then you would know how it feels".  Now I can tell you right now, that what she said was beyond appropriate.  This is an area that we deal with her. She is always quick to have a comeback.  I have asked the teachers often if she is disrespectful in class and the answer is always no.  So I was surprised when she said that.  I guess I really should not have been though.  Then the teacher came back with, "I hope that you get run over by a car".

Now how would that teacher feel, if that were to happen?  My problem is, that I realize teachers take alot off the students today.  My hat goes off to each and everyone of them.  But isn't a teacher suppose to the the bigger one?  My only memories of teachers were positive, as far as encouraging me.  That is, except for my 3rd grade teacher.  But perhaps, I had tried her patience!!!!!  Who in their right mind would plug their ears and scream, thinking that no one could hear them?????  I do know better now.

This teacher is known to call the students "stupid", almost every week.  I know this because of listening to my daughter and her friends talk.  

I know that I need to continue lifting the teachers up in prayer, but when one makes the comment that was made today, it is hard.  I think that I just need to visit with the teacher and then the school board, if I need to.  Keep me in your prayers.

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