Saturday, February 5, 2011

Describe Your Life In Six Words

I just found this blog tonight, and I thought why not.

Up,Down,Turn Around, Sit Down!  This is the way that I feel my life is right now.

My husband's mother lives with us and some days it takes all the patience that I can muster up.  She really is a dear.  I was blessed with a great mother-in-law.  I just had to learn how to deal with her.  She is full Hungarian, short in stature and full of advice.

Now at almost 91, she has Alzheimer's.  Some days go as normal, but most days are like my six words, up, down, turn around, sit down.  There is never a dull moment, especially when the teenage girls are home from school.  You never know what year she is in.  Lately, she has been calling me "the nice lady".  Also, it is requiring me to stay home.  She does not like to be alone and during the night, she may get up a number of times.  This is just to check and make sure that I have not gone home.  Not that I don't live here.  So now I have my very own daybed in the living room.  If I convince one of the girls to sleep downstairs, I will sneak up stairs and sleep with hubby.  It is good that we have a solid marriage and he is understanding.  But then he should, since it is his mother.  I just keep remembering that one day I will be old and the way that I treat her, will one day be the way I am treated.  Believe me though, without God as the core of my life, I could not do this.  It is only through His grace.

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