Sunday, February 27, 2011


     Today was a great day.

     My husband and I have not been going to the same church for the last couple of years.  The reason is not because of different beliefs, but because the church that he attends is smaller and at first did not have anything for our girls.

     So we decided that we would go to a larger one and then my mother-in-law did not like it because it was so large.  We went back to the smaller one, but the girls just were not happy.  After talking, my husband and I decided that we would go to two churches.  He and his mother and then the girls and I would go the the other.

     The one that the girls and I went to, started having a service on Saturday nights and I decided to go to that one and the girls went to the Youth service on Wednesday nights.  This has worked okay.

     Now with the mother-in-law getting worse, ever time I would get ready to go on Saturday nights, she would get nervous about my leaving and I would feel guilty about leaving.  So I decided that I would just start going with my Tommy.  Well, after making that decision, mother-in-law has been getting up at midnight ready for the day.  Which means that I have to stay up.  Last night was the first time that she has slept through on a Saturday night in four weeks.

      That being said,  that is why today was so very special.  I was not disappointed.  The presence of the Lord was so great that is felt that you could have cut it with a knife.  When I got home, I talked with the girls and told them that I wanted them to go with us as a family at least one Sunday a month for now.  Both were agreeable.  We will see how this works.  I really want them to go and for us to be a family for the last few years that we have them at home.

     For those that don't have a personal walk with the Lord, should give it a try.  It gives you a  peace that you won't get any where else.

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