Friday, March 11, 2011

Enquiring Minds Want To know Week #28

IS THERE A STORY BEHIND YOUR FIRST NAME?  My parents got married young and I have an older brother and two younger sisters.  My first name is Sherree.  I have not found very many others with the same spelling.  My mother never really told how they came to give me the name with that spelling, but I always felt so special, because I never knew anyone through school with my name.

DO YOU THINK PARENTS TODAY GIVE MORE THOUGHT TO THE NAME THEY GIVE THEIR CHILDREN THAN OUR PARENTS DID? In days past, parents gave children their parents name, because they were proud of them.  Now sometimes, I think that parents want their children to have a name that will set them apart from the others.  I think that the names are getting way out of hand.  I suppose, I am just a simple person, but I don't have a problem with those that want to give their children outlandish names.  
I just feel sorry for them when they start school and they have to spell the long names.

WHAT IS THE MOST UNUSUAL CHILD'S YOU HAVE EVER NOTICED RECENTLY?  I know that I am going to sound so plan, but I really don't get out alot due to having to stay close to home.  I have heard mother's call their children in the stores and I wonder how did they come to call them that.  Living in Alabama, I have  heard many unusual and interesting names.  I just have a short term memory. lol


  1. These questions have sparked some great conversation. I have never seen your name spelled that was either.

    I love your blog and am thrilled to be your newest follower!!!

  2. Hello Sherree - That is a different spelling. You are right that there are some unusual names in the south.

  3. Chicqueta or however the banana brand spells it. I'll never forget scanning groceries at Winn Dixie and this lady handed me a WIC voucher with that name on there. I asked her where she came up with that name from and her response was that she ate bananas the whole pregnancy and thought it was nice name. That tops the cake for me!



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