Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Fun Day With My Husband

Normally on Tuesday, My Tommy and I spend the day with each other.  This is his designated day to be off.  A  benefit for owning your own company.

So today, we started off at Ryan's and had lunch.  After a nice lunch, we headed off in search of a oven for one of our trailers that we rent.  After searching at least four places, we ended up at Home Depot.  I also found a great toilet seat that is guaranteed not to loosen up.  We will see.  My Tommy completely redid my bathroom and for the past 3 years the toilet seat has moved every time you sat on it.  Now with mother-in-law in the house and this being the main one for her, I realized that I needed to replace it.  All I need is for her to go flying off the toilet due to a revolving seat.  I can just see myself trying to explain this to my sister-in-laws, not to mention the doctor.  So I came home with a very nice toilet seat.

Then on we went to Lowe's.  Now my Tommy found nothing, but I found some treasures.  Eight wonderful little succulents that were just screaming as I walked by,"Take me home, take me home."

And you know, that is just what I did.  So here they are, some have more pics than others.
Kalanchoe Dalaguense  Pink Butterflies

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana

Echeveria "Doris Taylor"

Kalanchoe "Blossfeldiana Hybrid"

Sedum Hernandezil

Monanthes Btachycaulon

Kalanchoe "Frosty Pink"

Echeveria "dondo"

Don't you just love my babies?  I do.  Now I am on my search for more babies.  Home Depot had none, but Lowe's had a good selection.

After my find, I get a call that I need to pick up my Gabrielle from school.  So my Tommy drives home and I get a cold drink and then I am off to the school to get my Gabrielle.  Of course, she wants to go to her friends house and will be home later.  My Payton calls and he will be home later and  my Alexis is at home waiting for me to return home.  it is so nice to be wanted, if only for money.  So when I get home I take care of mother-in-law and give my Alexis money to get her nails done.

My Tommy then tells me that we need to get the cars cleaned since we decided to sell the Highlander and just keep the Avalon.  So he washed the cars and I vacuumed and cleaned them out.

Tomorrow should not be so busy of a day.


  1. Busy, busy girl! Loveeeee those succulents. Great selection of kalanchoe's. Some I have never seen before. Yes the stores are going to be packing them in soon. Can't wait to succulent shop.



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