Sunday, March 20, 2011


I know that this is Sunday, and I really thought about waiting until next Friday to go on board, but after reading a few of the other entries.  I decided that I also could begin today.

Lisa-Jo from, puts out a new topic every Friday.  The object is to set your timer for 5 minutes (and ONLY 5 minutes) and begin to write about that topic.  No RULES, and no EDITING.

The topic for this week is Waiting.  So here goes...

It seems that my life is always waiting for something.  Today, I am waiting for Payton to get back from Louisiana.  Alexis to get back from the beach tomorrow.  Gabrielle to get back from eating with her friends, so she can bring more laundry downstairs.  My mother-in-law is waiting on the Lord to take her home.  She is 91 and she is so tired of living.  I really don't  understand, but then when I get that age, perhaps I will.

Then the big wait is for the end of May to come.  Two things will be happening then.  I will be going to Texas to get my granddaughters and then bring back to Alabama for the summer.  Then the other is for Bridgett and Anthony to move from Texas  back here, so that Gabrielle can live with them.  We adopted her when she was a little baby and now she wants to live with her birth parents.  They are just now getting back together and going to get married.  I am happy for her.  It will be a good thing.

Then End.


  1. Great post. Interesting idea with the "5 minute" prompt. I may need to try this next week. It's right up my alley! Visiting from FTLOB. Have a great Sunday!

  2. Oh my heavens, you adopted a baby and she's leaving to go to her birth parents and you are so supportive! I would be heartbroken.



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