Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Wednesday Buys

Today was a day that was one of my favorite things to do.  A doctor's appointment.  Nothing is really wrong, just needing to get my meds refilled.  Now don't think that this 56 year young lady is on drugs.
Nothing doing!!!!  Just remember that I have let's see, ONE husband, ONE mother-in-law that is 91 and has dementia, TWO lovely, but trying teenager daughters, ONE almost 19 year old young man that is living with us, ONE very rambunctious male westie, One black male lab, ONE very skittish cat, FOUR rowdy horses, a HOUSE that never stays clean.  Shall I go on?

And now you know why I needed to go to the doctor today.

Just when I get home, take off my shoes to relax, my Gabrielle calls,"Mother, I need to go to Rue 21".
"Why", I ask.  "I need a bra, and they have the cutest bras".  Now tell me, why does a teenager need a cute bra?  When I was her age, my Mother made me wear the ugly "FIGURETTE".  Trust me, they were not the prettiest thing, but I am so glad that my Mother took no slack.

Now, girls have to have pretty under things!  I thought this happened when they got married and had a "Bridal Shower".  I think this is telling my age now.

So of course we go to Rue 21, but not alone.  My Alexis was driving home and passed us on the road and of course with the wonders of cell phones.  We have to stop at Winn Dixie and wait for her to turn her car around and come with us.  At this time, I could just see my money disappearing.  An hour and a half later, I was correct.  Not only did we get one bra, but shirts, dresses, sun-glasses, perfume, panties and something for a friend.

Good thing that I have not set up a budget yet.  That will be for next month.  Honest!  I have to, Summer will be on me before I know it and I will have my grandchildren and I want to do things with them.

I almost forgot to mention that I went to Walmart and got some groceries.  And of course, I had to look at the plants.  I found the nicest little plant called Schizanthus.  It is a annual and I bought only one, so that I could show my Tommy.  This is a plant that I would love to plant in some hanging baskets on my front porch and then in some concrete planters that I have outside the sunroom.  Then I also got four Heirloom tomato plants.  Last year I got some tomato planters on a great buy.  I am so anxious to see how they work out.

So over all, I had a great day.  My sister, Tammy came and sat with my mother-in-law, so I didn't have to rush.

I have been trying to get this posted since 5pm and now it is 1:32 on Thursday morning.  I just got back form the hospital from taking My Gabrielle to the ER.  She was having severe stomach pains and when I called the Base, they said to take her on to the ER.  So after four hours of waiting, they could not find anything.  I am going to finish this and then head off to bed beefore the rooster crows and says it is time to wake up!

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  1. That is a cute little plant, I'm hoping you went back and got more (or are going to) to fill up your planters!



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