Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am loving that I have a special grand daughter, Shelby, that calls me ever day after school.  Sometimes we talk awhile about our days, watch a TV program together (now she lives in Texas and I live in Alabama), or sometimes we just listen to each other breath as we go about our work.

I am loving that today I had to go to the hospital for a doctor's visit and was able to get away from the house for awhile.

I am loving that all my horses are in the pasture.  For the past couple of days two of them have been over at my Alexis' friends house, because they wanted to go trail riding in their part of the woods.  So now  Cisco and Yoshee are not running the length of the pasture whining for them.

I am loving that My Alexis wanted her Exterra back and did not want to keep my Avalon.  I really think that for a teenage girl that a lovely color of yellow is a much more desired color that a silver.

I am loving that my Gabrielle has such a great friend named Casie.  They have their moments, but they will stand up for each other and not let any one talk about the other.  Everyone needs someone that they can talk too.


  1. I'm loving the special relationship that you and my Shelbers have. I found it hilarious today that I called her back right after having missed her call and she answers, "I'm okay Momma, I have Nana on the phone." I think you're even more of a highlight to my little girl's day than she is to yours! Thank you for being such a wonderful mother and an exceptional nana to my girls!!

  2. What's a Nana to do, when she raised such a wonderful daughter , who just happens to have the most delightful, amusing, charming,and enchanting children. Who just happen to be her grandchildren?



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