Friday, April 1, 2011

Best Prank Pulled

This happened a number of years ago, before my little sister got married.

My sister, Karen and her intended had gone out for the evening.  Now, I was in from Alabama and helping my mother clean her kitchen drawers.  I found a pack of "Black Cat" firecrackers.  My brother-in-law and I was talking and decided that when Johnny brought Karen home, that we would wait until they were kissing and throw the firecrackers behind them.

This worked out great, because Jackie went around the house and hide be hide the shrubs and after throwing them, he quickly ran back around the house and was sitting in the chair when Karen came in.

When she came in, she said that it sounded like someone was shooting and that Johnny had left her at the door and ran for his car.

After telling Karen what we did, she called Johnny and told him that she was at the hospital.  That when he ran and got in his car after the noise, she realized that she had gotten shot.  Now she was at the hospital because of being shot in the leg.  She really played it up big.  Finally, we did tell him the truth.

I am not normally a prankster, but this one was the best one that I think I have ever been a part of.

They did end up getting married and both are now pastors. Both of them are very good at pulling pranks.  Hopefully, when I am visiting, they will not remember this.

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