Sunday, April 10, 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge

Yesterday, or actually, Friday the letter of the day was G. So here it is 12:55 on Sunday morning and I have yet to do Friday or Saturday's letter. Please bare with me as I try my best to get caught up.

Letter G

For the letter G, it was not hard to decide.  Our youngest daughter's name is GABRIELLE.

She was born in May of 1996 and has been a blessing, headache and a joy.  When she was little, she was always our little drama child.  Has always had a big vocabulary. One of her favorite TV shows growing up was the Discovery Channel.  When she went to school, the teachers were amazed at how much she knew about animals.
This is one of my favorite  photos

She has always been able to keep people entertained with her antics.  Now that she is almost 15, she is growing up too fast.  
Age three

On her way to a Biscuits Game
Gabrielle has decided that she would rather be called Gaby. I think that the kids at school, decided that for her.  She has a big heart and loves to be around her friends.
In her bedroom with circles

7th grade as a Dancer
This summer, she will be moving in with her birth mother and dad.  Our daughter, Bridgett is her real mother and we have been raising her since she was 5 months old.  We adopted her at age 1.  She has been looking forward to this for the past year. 

Part of video she made
What the next year will hold for her, will be up to her. She will be going to High School and then learning to drive. I believe in her and know that she is able to do whatever she wants to do.  I am just glad that I have the Lord on my side and He will keep His hand on her, as she continues to grow into that lovely young lady.


  1. Oh, Sherree, this really got me to blubbering! As you know, my two grands children and their Mom live with us! I will be happy and sad the day they move out. Bittersweet, for sure. I wish you the best with the transition, as it will be heart rendering. Will she still be close enough that you can still see her??? Oh goodness. I am praying everything will be wonderful for the whole family.
    Oh, BTW...I will not allow you to pay postage to send me some peanuts, you sweet thing!!! Try those Planters chili lime ones and let me know if they are similar, better or not quite as good. OK??? xoxo- Julie

  2. Julie, Julie, Julie, what are we to do with you. I really would love to send you some of the peanuts and I will for sure try the ones that you mentioned.

    They will live only 5 minutes away. And Gabrielle has already mentioned that she will here often. If not only to ask for money !!!

    Please allow me to send you the peanuts. at my cost. My gift from me to you.

  3. You silly billy!!! OK...I will send you my address. You are the best. I am excited to try them since you think so highly of them!!! THANKYOU!!!



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